slow graphics

  leco1938 20:24 13 Apr 2004

i have a 32mb 3d card installed, worked quite well for several months. this last few weeks i find that the screen sometimes judders and it has also started to draw quite slowly to the screen on most of the photos that i have loaded, no problem when first installed. can you suggest what may be the problem. john leco.

  ade.h 21:26 13 Apr 2004

I had a similar issue with an old Kyro2 64mb (click here) and none of the drivers available (either Hercules or PowerVR reference) would provide good performance when image editing and creating 2D graphics.

My cure was to upgrade to an FX5200 and it was £45 well spent. In your case, you should check for a driver update and check that your graphics settings haven't altered recently before replacing the card.

BTW what chipset is it and what OS are you running? I can't say for sure whether your card is fast enough for your needs. Win XP may be a bit too much for really old cards like my Kyro2 if you have all the enhancements turned on.

  ade.h 21:28 13 Apr 2004

How much system RAM do you have and have you de-fragmented you hard-disk recently?

  leco1938 15:35 17 Apr 2004

The 32mb 3d card i have a problem with is a TNT2 M64. I have 256mb system ram onboard and i am using win 98se. In addition to the screen slow to draw and the occasional judder, i also experience a part of a previous image (frozen on screen)until the new image has loaded itself. i have loaded new drivers from the tnt upgrade site, but unfortunately the problem is still occuring. Could the Videochip have been damaged by insufficient cooling?,(small system case, gets quite warm inside) i have now changed the onboard fan for a more powerful one, but problem still occuring.

  hugh-265156 15:37 17 Apr 2004

as above i would defrag the hard drive.

also,how much free space on the hard drive do you have?

  leco1938 16:05 17 Apr 2004

Have 4.6mb free space on hard drive, i defrag every 2/3 weeks. Ahem!(my brain not functioning) It has just been pointed out to me that i should have mentioned that i have tried a standard 4mb card to see if there was a monitor problem, problem did still occur but not so bad.
I have also checked the seatimg of the card, thats ok. In view of the card change tryout not really changing anything to any great degree, could it be the motherboard?. I have just bought a new monitor so that rules that out.

  hugh-265156 16:09 17 Apr 2004


i would free up some space on your drive by uninstalling any uneeded software.

  citadel 16:28 17 Apr 2004

run dxdiag from the start, run menu. It will do graphics tests and report any problems. While there move graphics accelleration slider to full.

  hugh-265156 16:30 17 Apr 2004

dxdiag wont do a thing.

you have no space left on the hard drive :-)

  leco1938 20:37 17 Apr 2004

Hard drive free space should read 4.6Gb not 4.6Mb.

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