Slow Evening Broadband Speeds

  Confab 16:59 21 Feb 2008

I’ve been having a few issues with my new ISP. I’ve got a 16mb ADSL2 connection and over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that my broadband speed has dropped considerably during the evenings. If I do a download speed test in the mornings (and I use about four different speed tests) I can usually achieve a download speed of about 13Mb and an upload speed of around 1Mb. That’s fine and I’m more than happy with this. However if I try the same speed tests in the evenings then the results are quite difference – around 0.5Mb download and 0.75Mb upload speeds.

I don’t get any disconnections at all and my line stats/SNR/Sync speed and Attenuation remain the same and constant at whatever time of day I check them.

I have spoken with my ISP and we’ve have been through several processes in order to eliminate any issues with my equipment/software but none of these, to my mind, would explain such speed differences between morning to evening downloads every single day. The only thing that I could think of was that perhaps my line was being throttled back for some reason.

Anyway I have just got off the phone to 2nd line support and they have advised me that my reduced download speed is being caused by “traffic congestion”. Now this is the bit I don’t fully understand. They say that there is a 1GB (Telnet – I think he said) link in place and this is causing a "bottleneck". They will be upgrading this link to 10GB within the next 24 hours and once this is done I will not notice any slowdowns.

I really know little about the links between the telephone exchange and servers so does this sound like a plausible cause and solution?

Thank you

  Pineman100 18:14 21 Feb 2008

I get the same problem (although my nominal connection speed is nowhere near as high as yours - it's 2MB). The evening is always the slowest time of day, by a very long way.

What is the the contention ratio of your contract? I think most are 50:1. That means that up to 49 other people could be using your broadband "gateway" at the same time. And if they're all at home on MySpace in the evening.....

  Confab 23:57 21 Feb 2008

Thanks Pineman100

I’ve checked the connection ratio and it is, I believe, 50:1. Broadband is still very slow this evening but hopefully by tomorrow things will pick up.


  Pineman100 16:53 22 Feb 2008

Have you seen this thread? click here

It contains a suggestion by daxian that I've never come across before. I don;t know whether you use a wireless router, but if so you might want to give his/her idea a try.

If you do, would you post back and let me know the result?

  Confab 12:24 23 Feb 2008

Thanks for the reply Pineman100.

I had a look at the thread but I had already tried resetting the router in the evenings but it had no effect on my speeds at all.

Again I was seeing DL speeds of less than half meg so I telephoned my ISP at about 11 O’clock last night. I spoke to second level support and this is the point which I think they let me down a bit. Firstly he asked me to go to the BBC website which I did without any issues. Then he asked me to navigate to my router settings and tell him what my sync speeds were. They showed 1,325 and 16,080. He then went on to advise me that those figures proved that I was downloading at 16 meg. I was surprised that a second level support tech guy would tell me this and told him so. Anyway he upgraded my router firmware and so this morning when I switched my router on all the settings had gone back to default. This meant that I had to re-enable WPA2 and MAC filtering etc.

I received a call from tech support this morning to advised that the engineers had upgraded the line from 1GB to 10GB last night so the issue has hopefully been fixed. Since this morning speeds are now at a steady 13 meg, which is good, but I’ll have to wait and see what happens tonight.


  Pineman100 14:41 23 Feb 2008

Glad to hear you're making progress. Do let me know if the line upgrade has fixed the problem, after you've had some evening experience.

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