Slow e-mail download

  Bene36 20:31 20 Feb 2008

Hi all. I'm new here and just registered. Sorry that this a bit long winded!
Hopefully some of you can help with my problem with downloading e-mails from I have two addresses, one is set up with Outlook Express on my laptop and has no problems. The other one for family, is set up with Outlook on my home PC together with the braodband. Both addresses are forwarded to each other. The home PC has had a lot of problems with slow broadband and intermittant e-mail. I recently had the service reduced from the 8 Mb that I never requested, to 1 Mb because I just learnt that my line will only handle 1+Mb. Apart from the broadband switching off regularly, for which I may have to re enter settings in the Netgear router? - downloading e-mails is painful and if there is more than say 2Mb in the queue, it doesn't download at all. I had to go into web mail and delete large e-mails/attachments. Even then it took about 5 mins to download 150KB. Any ideas?

  Monoux 20:42 20 Feb 2008

Are you on Virgin cable or non cable?

  MAT ALAN 20:44 20 Feb 2008

wrongly configured firewall settings may cause this..

  Bene36 20:45 20 Feb 2008

It's dsl via phone line. I should have added that the 1MB connection is reasonable on the web.

  Bene36 20:47 20 Feb 2008

I disabled the (virgin PC guard) firewall earlier to see if it helped. Just a thought - is there a Windows Firewall in XP Home?

  Monoux 20:56 20 Feb 2008

There are lots of posts about slow speeds and drop outs from folks using Non cable ( from me included )
Mine is virtually unusable most evenings and weekends due to slow speeds yet my phone line will take 6.8 Mbps.

I have got no satisfaction from Virgin at all and can't wait to get away from them.

If yours is not a firewall problem try downloading your Emails in the mornings, I've found the speed is more up to it then

  Jak_1 20:56 20 Feb 2008

"I disabled the (virgin PC guard) firewall earlier to see if it helped. Just a thought - is there a Windows Firewall in XP Home?"

Yes, if you have xp-home sp2. Sounds like you have been running two firewalls. Personally I would dissable the windows firewall as tit only stops things coming in and not going out. before you, restore your other firewall.
For windows firewall, go to Control Panel and you should find it there. I think it comes under the security icon but can't be sure as I have not installed SP2.

  Bene36 21:11 20 Feb 2008

Monoux. Yes I've been with Virgin for many years now but am totally unimpressed with their responses now. It's just strange how my e-mail seems to work OK with the laptop on wireless but not the PC. It's a nuisance that I have to lose my e-mail addresses to move away. Hey ho!
Thanks for your response.

Jak_1. I found the Windows Firewall in security and realised that I had previously disabled it thinking it was the PC Guard one. So I was without one anyway for these tests. I have now re-enabled PC Guard.
Thanks for the help.

Still don't know why it just refuses to download anything more than a meg or so though?

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