Slow DVD Encoding

  Manderes84 23:27 26 May 2004

I hope you can help me with a problem I'm having.

I've just recently bought a DVD-RW, I'm using Roxio DVD Creator to write my dvd's, the trouble is it has to encode the video files and its being VERY slow. It's taking about 2 days to encode 1.6GB worth of video. My PC has 128MB memory

Do I need more memory?

  stalion 23:35 26 May 2004

yes you probably do what is the spec of your computer. Regards

  ted bear 05:48 27 May 2004

u can speed encoding up in the short term by closing as many running processes as possible. i would however recommend either u leave it to encode overnight when u go to bed or that u invest in a faster computer( im not sure if its ram or the processor that determines encoding speed)to give u some idea of speed my comp is a pentium 4 1.8gb with 640mgb of rdram (hardly top of the range comp now ) and i can encode 4gb of video file in about 3 hours. however i usually speed the process up by encoding to dvd format as i capture the video to my hard disk (saving 3 hours). to save in pal dvd format capture at 720 x 576 frame rate 25 fps 48000htz audio. then create dvd structure and burn to dvd. i hope this is of some help.

  Smiler 10:00 27 May 2004

I have a 1.2ghz athlon and it takes 7 hours to encode 1 hour of video files. So as has been sugested you need a lot more processor power. What is the full spec of you computer?

  Manderes84 10:11 27 May 2004

Thanks for all your help, here are the specs on my computer...

1. 80GHz Intel Celeron (means nothing to me)

40GB Hard drive (most of it now eaten up by video)


External FX-50 DVD/RW

I'm actually connecting my dvd-rw with USB at the moment, but it has the option of firewire. Will this make any difference?

  stlucia 11:12 27 May 2004

I found that Roxio was 'encoding' my files even though they were already in MPEG2 format. I managed to speed things up by putting each separate MPEG file into a separate chapter, rather than having 2 or 3 per chapter.

  Smiler 12:40 27 May 2004

Using USB,(as long as it's USB2 if not firewire would make writng the dvd quicker) shouldn't make a difference to encoding because the encoding is done by the processor before writing to the dvd.

  Smiler 12:45 27 May 2004

you will find that an hour of dvd movie equates to about 14GB of mpeg files and the is where the encoding comes in. The files have to be compressed to fit on the dvd so the more the compression the longer it will take to encode. 1 minute of video has 25 frames of pictures + sound so each frame has to be assessed before it can be compressed to give the best resultant picture when viewed on a tv. That's a lot of calculations.

  stlucia 13:03 27 May 2004

Yes, I know that if you put .avi into the system it will take a loooong time to encode it for burning onto a DVD. But with my 600Mhz/256Mb system it only takes several hours, not a matter of days.

As I said, I've observed that when I give Roxio some MPEG2 files created using Pinnacle -- which shouldn't need any more 'encoding' -- it still takes forever 'encoding' them. I've also observed that if I start a new chapter for each MPEG file, the process is speeded up significantly, so I just wonder if that would help speed up Manderes84.

Incidentally, when I use Sonic MyDVD to put the same MPEG files onto DVD, it doesn't go through the same 'encoding' process and, as a consequence, is much quicker than Roxio for me if I've got more than one MPEG clip per chapter.

  Smiler 15:58 27 May 2004

Sorry for the delay in repling but have been enjoying a bbq in the garden, before the rainy bank holiday starts.
What you say is very interesting and I will have to give it a try on my next dvd.
What do you mean by several hours?

  Manderes84 17:17 27 May 2004

I've been saving my files as AVI, should I save them as MPEG?

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