Slow download speeds

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 10:17 08 Oct 2007


I am trying to help sort out a problem that has started on my parents PC.

They use PlusNet for broadband and should get around 3 to 4 meg speeds. The download speeds have just recently gone down to around 120 kbps (only twice as fast as dial up), yet their upload speed is around 350-400 kbps which seems fine.

I did have to restart their firewall which had been turned off, but that makes no difference if you shut it off.

AVG says no virus and Spybot report is clear. Cannot download much in other malware software due to this problem.

Any ideas please on how to check and eliminate causes. I have never seen a PC that gets higher upload speeds than download.


  The Brigadier 11:22 08 Oct 2007

What time of day is this?
What sites are you downloading from?

  Quiller. 11:53 08 Oct 2007

Do your parents download a lot off the internet. Have they got a capped service or have they received a FUP warning from their ISP?

  birdface 13:58 08 Oct 2007

click here another speed test Just to confirm your speed.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 15:33 08 Oct 2007

Brigadier - The problem is constant, no matter what time of day.

quiller - there are not big on downloads, and no warning has been received.

buteman - i have done several speedtests to check their download speed, but thanks for the extra link

  woodchip 15:43 08 Oct 2007

Try this, click here
Download from
click here

  i n t e nZ e 18:31 08 Oct 2007

are they running any P2P clients such as Bittorrent or limewire or Kazza?
If so these can really diminish a systems bandwidth..
If not, open run command and type cmd
when command prompt appears type netstat -a and enter. If it gives you more than about 20 lines of text the chances are its bogged down with spyware click here run this free software and try the bandwidth test again

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 23:36 08 Oct 2007

Thanx woodchip and intetze for suggestions, I'll try these when I next visit my parents.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 11:16 09 Oct 2007

Intenze - no P2P clients used and Spybot S&D has already been run - all clear reported.

  jeffw0502 22:29 10 Oct 2007

I am also with PlusNet and speeds now down to 120kbps as well but with upload at 350kbps. It hasnt always been this slow though, just in the last few weeks. It takes about 5 seconds to actually find a web page and about 1 minute to download a 1mb file, is it my connection or plusnet ?

  jeffw0502 22:34 10 Oct 2007

I am currently running windows xp, all up to date, 1gb ram, pentium d 840, using a Netgear DG834Gv2 but not wirelessly, using a wired connection

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