Slow download speed

  alfredgerald 11:58 26 Feb 2014

Running Windows XP on a PC with Talk Talk ISP. The download speed seems to be getting slower by the day. Contacted service and they have checked the external line from the exchange to my property which is OK. They say I should be getting 13mbps but I’m not, at the last check it was 6.83mbps. I’ve got the engineer coming in 2 weeks time to check the wiring and router. Is there anything I can check in advance to save myself £50 if it’s not the router?

  spuds 17:26 26 Feb 2014

I use TalkTalk and had similar slow speed problems of barely being able to get 1mb on a supposedly 10mb package. One thing that I learned from that experience was the constant false information I was getting from TalkTalk about the line being okay. It wasn't and eventually I was able to get 6mb after quite a bit of repair work by BT OpenReach and TalkTalk's own technical team.

You may also find that the engineer TalkTalk sends is someone local on contract to TT. The engineer who called to check my system changed the router, and still could not get any better performance, did further checks then simply left it to TalkTalk to sort out the problems.Regarding the engineer's fee, I was originally quoted £99.99 then £29.99, and when the engineer arrived he insisted it was £49.99 before he did any checks, and wanted me to agree and sign to this. I refused and got it down to £29.99 which I had agreed with TalkTalk. Perhaps lucky, but due to the engineer being unable to rectify any faults, TalkTalk cancelled any charges.

What speedtest's did you use, because TalkTalk likes to use their own click here or their alternative click here

  alfredgerald 09:07 27 Feb 2014

Thanks. Will wait and see what the engineer has to say.

  spuds 10:09 27 Feb 2014

You can also do your own router checks, which should give you an overall view of router and service provisions. With TalkTalk, open the router with "admin" both for user/password.

And if you want to get really clued up on this subject of internet and broadband, then look in this rather lengthy and very informative website, using the various sections within their website click here

  john bunyan 10:46 27 Feb 2014

I had almost exactly the same experience as Spuds . I also have Talk Talk, and there was a sudden drop in speed with no wiring changes at my house. I was very persistent, and they were miraculously able to correct an exchange or software fault. My router is upstairs, and they wanted me to connect it to the test socket - a big job which proved entirely unnecessary. If you can you could try plugging the router into the test socket just to confirm that there is no improvement.

  alfredgerald 11:03 09 Apr 2014

It transpires the fault was in the Open Reach box just inside my front door. The original box was installed 30 years ago and hadn’t been toughed since. The engineer rewired it and my broadband works OK. Prior Talk Talk sent one of their engineers to test my router supplied by them. He found it to be working and I was charged £50 for the privilege. I complained to Talk Talk that the fault was not of my making but this did not warrant me having the charges waved. Needless to say I will not be renewing my contract when it expires.

  spuds 13:19 09 Apr 2014

Going on what my experiences are with TalkTalk, I would certainly go back to TalkTalk and insist that their service 'was not fit for purpose', due to the fact that BT OpenReach found and corrected a problem on their system.

I to was also in similar circumstances regarding old 40 year old 'hard' wire and a mixture of new, supporting the line. I would suspect most or rather alot of BT's infrastructure cabling is similar in various locations around the country.

A way forward on this, if you are still dissatisfied of the billing outcome, is to contact Dido Harding the CEO of TalkTalk, explaining briefly the way you considered that you have been treated unfairly.

Dido Hardings (who I found very effective and swift responding) details can be obtained via the link and look for TalkTalk http//

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