slow download

  Muergo 17:34 08 Nov 2009

What can be happening to slow down my accessing sites, the connection is fine, at my usual 3.1 Mb.

It varies, there is no one particular site that drags its heels, I can be downloading two at the same time, one will load in a flash while the other is still spinning round, and still be trying when I download yet another immediately.

  ArrGee 17:37 08 Nov 2009

Can you be more specific in terms of the sites you are downloading from and what content?

Generally, major download sites will slow down over the weekend.

  canarieslover 17:49 08 Nov 2009

Much depends on the site itself, how fast they can upload for you.

  sunnystaines 17:53 08 Nov 2009

who is your ISP they may have a temp problem.

spyware on your pc slowing it down

or corrupted software file someware.

rub superantispyware free version on a full scan after checking for any updates
click here

what browser do you use?

  Muergo 18:16 08 Nov 2009

I have Super anti spyware already but will run a deep scan in early hours as it takes ages and does slow down.
Only thing running continuously I am aware of is Panda suite.

I use Firefox all the time, had trouble today with accessing via Nectar site to e-Bay, but not to Amazon or Maplin.

This has not just happened, it was particularly bad today that's why I asked, but as was said maybe just extra load on Sunday afternoon.

What puzzles me is that the speedcheck shows all OK both directions.

  rdave13 18:25 08 Nov 2009

Panda Suite.
If you are paying for it then remember your paid for licence key.
Stop all active protection and uninstall.
When you reboot make sure Windows firewall running. Download and run Avast home; click here
see how your machine runs. If no different then uninstall Avast, reboot and re-install the suit.
Sometimes these 'suits' are too agressive and will slow down your PC.

  Muergo 18:52 08 Nov 2009

I ran Advanced systems care and that seems to have fixed it, everything going top speed, but I already had run it this morning, it is amazing how registry and junk accumulate in a few hours, it wasn't any spyware or other malware, Malwarebytes showed up nothing beforehand.
I did not get on with Avast before, clashed with Panda, which seems to stop most things, but I will put Avira back on, that showed up well in the past but again clashes with Panda, they say their Suite 2010 which I bought does not need anything else.

  gazzaho 19:13 08 Nov 2009

I've found over the years that some sites respond and load into the browser faster than others, a site can have server problems which can slow the connection speed or stop it loading altogether, PC Advisor itself had a problem a few days ago which stopped it loading altogether three of four times during the day.

In my opinion this is normal activity, if connection speed seems slower than it normally did then the obvious thing would be to run both SAS and MalwareBytes along with a virus scan to rule out spyware and viruses.

  rdave13 19:19 08 Nov 2009

"it is amazing how registry and junk accumulate in a few hours"
They don't.
Simply the programs you use.

  gazzaho 19:21 08 Nov 2009

You should only install one Anti Virus and one Firewall suite at a time, if you install another before removing the existing one there will be conflicts as one program tries to countermand the other. If you install a Virus suite with a firewall for instance you will notice Windows own firewall will turn itself off.

You can have more than one spyware program installed, such as MBAM and SAS and shouldn't have problems, as long as you don't try to run both at the same time.

  rdave13 19:32 08 Nov 2009

Just my experience with AWC. Buggers up your OS unless you use it all the time. Everything it does you can do yourself.
Security suits will eventually hold you to ransom. Don't pay up then you get the two finger job.
As a home user you don't need or want these features and with a bit of learning (not much at that) it's all available free. Lord knows how many times these programs have been linked to on this great site.

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