slow desktop startup

  rickd 11:20 21 Jul 2006

I'm running XP, have a gig of ram and a 3800+AMD which is about 8 weeks old. It used to take around 30-40 secs to boot through to the desktop. About a month ago I changed the desktop wallpaper. Ever since it has booted quickly through to the windows welcome screen and then loads the wallpaper, as before, then nothing happens for another 60 seconds, there is no hourglass, just the wallpaper and a cursor pointer, and the HD light only flickers very very intermittently. Then, after 60 secs, the HD starts up again with gusto, the desktop icons load and the tray begins to fill, which takes another 20 secs or so.
What is going on during the 60 secs??
I've tried changing the wallpaper back to default and to nothing, to no avail.
I've run msconfig but there doesn't seem to be anything odd there (by comparison to my other PC), and I've tried stopping various startup progs and services, but nothing helps. I have run Spyware doc and Norton 2006.
Any ideas??

  ArrGee 11:33 21 Jul 2006

I've got a feeling that it's Norton. Have you configured the Norton restore points correctly?

  johndrew 11:33 21 Jul 2006

Have you looked at `Task Manager` to see what your running? Or in the `Start Menu` for yourself and/or the `All Users` to see what is starting?

  Gordon999 11:38 21 Jul 2006

Hi rickd,

I am thinking the same as Arrgee.....Have a look at your Norton. I hade simlar problems last year and ended up uninstaling Norton, purchasing a more up to date version and every thing is ok now. Also like johndrew expalins check to see if you have any processes running that are draining you resources.

  rickd 11:52 21 Jul 2006

Its Norton 2006, and exactly the same config as runs my other PC, which boots through in 40 secs. Whatsmore, Norton loads along with the rest of the desktop stuff, AFTER the 60 sec delay.

There are so many services its difficult to know where to start - but its obviously something that its doing after booting, but before loading the start-up progs. Its almost like theres a 60 second timeout, or its looking for something and gives itself 60 secs to find it before giving up.

Is there any way of running a log to see what order windows is loading things to help diagnose the problem?

  VoG II 11:53 21 Jul 2006

You could try BootVis click here

  rickd 12:17 21 Jul 2006

Have installed bootvis. Do you have an idiots guide to running bootvis? Or some simple tips to get me started

  terryf 12:23 21 Jul 2006
  rickd 12:57 21 Jul 2006

have followed instructions (and also those on another site, but get a message saying I need to turn on the graph saving.
How do I do that? (I did say idiots guide!)

  rickd 12:28 22 Jul 2006

Got Bootvis working and showed no probs with boot (39 secs), so it was a prog running as I thought. After much turning on and off of services it turned out to be related to USBmate (megacorp) software for my Belkin UPS (uninteruptable power supply). Now I have to work out if the software is essential or not (maybe XP's own will do the job). But by uninstalling the software, boot to useful desktop is now under a minute, rather than over 2!
Hope this helps anyone who searches on this problem.

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