Slow connection to web pages since McAfee updated

  Liverbird 16:30 12 Sep 2006

I recently accepted a McAfee update. Anyone using this programme knows that it offers updates almost every day. Anyway, there are usually no problems, but after the recent update (which incidentally made the platform brown instead of the usual red, maybe this will indicate to users which update I'm talking about) my time on the net has been hell. Pages take an eternity to load. I've tweeked a couple of things in McAfee to see if I can improve things, but so far no luck. Has anybody got any ideas?

  anskyber 16:46 12 Sep 2006

Are you in the US? click here

  Liverbird 17:54 12 Sep 2006

No, UK Does this make a difference? By the way it's taken about 4 minutes for this thread to open after I clicked on it.

  anskyber 17:57 12 Sep 2006

According to the report the problems have been fixed for UK use, but it makes you wonder.

If it helps this site has been veeeeeery slooooow today. Others OK though.

  Liverbird 18:19 12 Sep 2006

I stopped the personal identification blocker working as it wouldn't let me log into anything. Then I went on to the Guardian Unlimited site and this worked a bit better but still much slower than usual. Something is amiss somewhere, and I'm convinced that it is McAfee as I had no problems before this this upgrade and the problems I've mentioned immediately afterwards. Too much to be coincidence! My partner who is more PC aware than me has McAfee and he said when he scans his PC it's much slower than before the last upgrade, but he hasn't had the problems that I've had. He just does'nt have the time to check my PC, and I'm trying to learn as I go to develop some independence. If I had the money I'd get rid of McAfee and get something else, but I'm limmitted at the mo' so ahve to resolve this one way or the other. I think that something must have gone wrong in the download, but I'm not sure what to do about that.

  anskyber 19:15 12 Sep 2006

There are many on this site who recommend the free versions of firewall etc. I left Norton because of the trouble I was having including slowing up the PC.

  VoG II 19:39 12 Sep 2006

Try a System Restore to before you installed the update. When the system restarts McAfee will probably complain like mad but should soon right itself once it has downloaded the latest updates.

Failing that remove McAfee and use AVG click here and Zone Alarm click here - both free.

  anskyber 19:44 12 Sep 2006

Do not be nervous about the advice from VoG™; it is excellent advice. I have the paid for ZoneAlarm security suite otherwise I would use the recommendations he has given. Since I do not use the free ones (yet) I hestate to recommend an anti spyware product to go with them. Others I am sure will help.

  cowboy62 00:18 13 Sep 2006

i also had the same problem with mcafee and decided to try something else i now use pccillinn 2006 and had no problems

  Liverbird 12:27 13 Sep 2006

Thanks anskyber VoG,and cowboy62. I think that I'll try the System Restore first, as suggested. But I have to admit my ignorance. Please elaborate. Thanks

  VoG II 12:32 13 Sep 2006

Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore

Then follow the prompts to restore your computer to an earlier time.

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