slow connection / download speed

  cetlab 14:37 26 Oct 2003

I have a slow download speed, on a good day it is 29.8 kb/sec it takes 4 minutes to download 1mb file.
I have had my gain incresed also i disconnect all phones except the one used for the computer.
B.T. say there is nothing wrong with the line.
Do have to go for broadband or are there any other things tweaks, i can do to help my speed .

  recap 14:48 26 Oct 2003

cetlab, your speed is a half descent speed for dia-up. BB is the way to go these days, you will notice the increased speed with BB. Plus it will free up your phone line if you get a cable modem.

  ©®@$ђ 14:56 26 Oct 2003

i just hope that the poor speed you are experiencing now, will continue to affect your broadband speed,you will reep the benefits of broadband and will ceetainly notice the difference even if you have got slower speeds than you should..make sure it isn't your line before you get broadband

who is your isp at the moment, possibly report the poor connection to them.

ask for a different dial up number.explain to them that this is not satisfactory and you are thinking of ending your contract (aslong as it has been more than 12 months)

basically explain to them that you have contacted bt about the slow speed and they have assured you that the line is ok, and question your isp about improving the quality they offer you, possibly another connection number

  ©®@$ђ 14:58 26 Oct 2003

ijust hope that the poor speed you are experiencing now, will continue to affect your broadband speed

i ment

ijust hope that the poor speed you are experiencing now, will NOT continue to affect your broadband speed

you should get what you pay for

  woodchip 15:08 26 Oct 2003

That is very Slow, I get a 48000bps connection and a normal 4.6kb Download Speed. Check this out and post the results, For both files. click here The Connection and Download is more than likely down to you BT line

  woodchip 15:11 26 Oct 2003

I just got a 5850cps on the top file

  Fateful Shadow 15:11 26 Oct 2003

If you are experiencing slow downloads may I suggest you download a download accelerator (how many downloads?!)

I use FreshDownload from click here It is a fantastic piece of software and they are always updating it

Hope this helps :)

  woodchip 15:17 26 Oct 2003

Your ISP can also be a slow ISP, May be it's not connecting at V90

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