Slow connection.

  taffyal 15:45 24 May 2007

Yes, I know Tiscali is cheap & nasty, but I expect more than 300kbps peak time for my 2meg payments!At best, 10 a.m. 1.6 Mbps, 3.30p.m. 400kbps.By 5 down to 300. I tried mailing them, but they are seemingly staffed by ill mannered idiots, who either do not reply or reply on an entirely different subject.

I am told that Datastream & IPStream can have some effect on speeds, & it is possible to transfer from one to another. I have managed to discover that I am on IPStream, & would welcome any advice about what these two are.

Also, I am about a mile from a small country exchange, & BT are continually having faults with local shop ATM & Lottery machines, not to mention our phones being off for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. Could the problem be due to BT?
Any advice would be welcome, before I give up & demand a mac number! Thanks, Al.

  Totally-braindead 16:09 24 May 2007

Can't help I'm afraid though I'm with Tiscali and I agree completely with you comments on their abysmal customer service. Like you I have found they quite often answer questions with something that has nothing to do with what you asked.
And thats the email side of it, actually speaking to them is as bad if not worse.
I've come to the conclusion that they don't understand spoken English and cannot read.

  taffyal 16:33 24 May 2007

Thanks, Totally-braindead. In a way it helps to know I'm not alone!!I just discovered an Email for the guy below, & emailed him on the subject. Within seconds- yes, seconds- he rang me. Very pleasant guy, but unfortunately can do nothing, all down to IPStream, apparently, & here in the hills we don't have the option of Datastream.He said that all they could do was give me a free transfer without giving notice, but I am out of contract anyway.He's well worth a try.I'm now going to enquire about other ISPs. Cheers, Al.
[email protected]

  taffyal 16:44 24 May 2007

BTW, he speaks v.good English!!

  Jimmy14 16:44 24 May 2007

I was on Tiscali's 8Mb package since November 2006. During peak hours I received well below 1mb speeds because of their continuous traffic management system problems but this was only during peak hours. I was so fed up as this is when I use the internet most. I believe that this problem is still not fixed so in February of this year I requested my MAC code by phoning their cancellations department and got it within hours. I also emailed their chief executive Mary Turner, back in January she credited my Tiscali account with £10 which didn't help any but after more grief I was receiving from final payment letters I emailed her again and the next day I got a phone call from her office saying that everything was wiped off and she was sorry this had all happened.
I am now with UKFSN by Entanet and get full 8Mb speeds 24-7. Try the main woman at her email address below as she somewhat helped me. I would advise you to change ISP because this problem won't get fixed for a long while.
[email protected]

  taffyal 17:50 24 May 2007

Thanks, Jimmy.Dominick told me to contact him when I'm ready to change, so will try that first. Isn't it a shame though that we cant get sense out of the Tiscali morons who send stupid replies in the first place? seems that if you talk to the right person its easy- but finding that person in first place???
Cheers, Al.

  bezzer20 18:23 24 May 2007

i completely agree. My relationship started badly enough with tiscali. I had to wait 5 weeks to get connected with them a couple of months ago. They told me that bt had rejected the speed that i had asked for because BT told them my areas exchange couldnt handle it. hahhaha i live in the middle of chester!!! but they didnt decide to ring me for another 10 days (blatently lying to cover their tracks) As far as the actual service is concerned the first two-three weeks was great, good speeds etc. (obviously inticing me into further contract etc) then a couple of months down the line my p2p speed is awfull! cannot dload anything preety much all day untill 1am in the morning! max speeds of 30kb/s. On top of that my direct debit failed in my second month because of tiscali. All ISP's should be fully investigated. Im sorry but speeds of max 30 kb/s at 1am you are taking the piss!!! ok during peak times i wouldnt mind i comletely understand, but throtling at 1am-7am you are fuking pissing me off!!

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