slow connection

  hzhzhz 21:37 04 Dec 2005

Ive been suffering slow broadband speed lately. Im with aol 1mb. Ive done all the things aol have suggested to no avail. Independent tests Ive done show my connection speed between 15KB/sec and 43KB/sec. Turning windows firewall off makes no difference. Is it time to contact BT regarding line speed or am I missing something.

  hzhzhz 00:24 05 Dec 2005


  Gandalph 01:45 05 Dec 2005

I would definitely check things out with BT. I am on 56K Dial-up and get connected at 46.6Kbps, so I would definitely say there is a problem somewhere.

  hzhzhz 20:10 05 Dec 2005



  RobCharles1981 22:38 05 Dec 2005

I get this problem with AOL Anytime, I do all the usual Checks for Spyware and Ad-Aware,Disk Defrag and virus check, and Repair AOL Conectivty Services, but I do get a connection of 46.6kps it must be a problem with BT I think

  hzhzhz 00:17 06 Dec 2005

Im paying £25 pm for a connection thats not much better than dial up. Time to speak to BT.

  Border View 00:26 06 Dec 2005

When I had problems with my Pipex connection I telephoned BT and they referred me to Pipex. Round and round and round.

  hzhzhz 20:38 06 Dec 2005

Barmoors experience with BT put me off contacting them so I thought I'd have one more experiment. I dug out an old laptop running xp (no sp2) and running no firewall. Installed the voyager modem and ran some download tests. There is NO problem with the laptop, down load speeds are perfect. Looks like I have 2 pc's with something nasty in them. Ive ran all the usual antivirus, spyware etc so I'll have to look deeper or perhaps wipe both pc's and start from scratch.

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