slow burning of dvds

  wolfman101180 23:49 20 Jan 2005

Can anyone suggest how long it should take roughly to burn a dvd from hard drive, as I am new to this and so far it has taken 1 hour and counting. My spec is P4 3GHz 512MB 160GB hard drive, with a NEC DVD[plus]-R/RW 16x Dual Layer OEM.

All advice appreciated.

  User-312386 23:53 20 Jan 2005

4.3gb DVD takes 13 minutes at 4x

  Hairy Yeti 23:54 20 Jan 2005

Have you tried different media?
What speed is the media you are using?
Are you burning video or data?
Different burning s/w?
Is your DVD writer on the same cable as your hard disk?

  User-312386 23:54 20 Jan 2005

forgot to ask what programme are you using?

if its something like DVD Shrink then that can take a long time to encode

  ACOLYTE 00:14 21 Jan 2005

madboy33©® 13 minutes? WOW tell me what you use cos it takes me anything from an hour to an hour and a half,admited there is somtimes more than 4.3 Gig on the DVD but still 13 minutes is fast.

  hugh-265156 00:16 21 Jan 2005

i fitted an nec 3500a to a friends puter a few weeks back and it burns 2GB of data in well under 10mins using nero.

check DMA is enabled for your primary and secondary IDE channels in: 'control panel/system/hardware/device manager' look here for 'ATA/IDE/ATAPI controllers' then click the '+' to expand and then click on the 'primary' and 'secondary' channels in turn then click 'settings/advanced settings' try setting to 'dma if available' maybe.

i guess as above if its video dvd you are burning and it is not converted correctly beforehand nero or whatever software you are using is maybe encoding it before burning that will take a while if thats the case.

  ACOLYTE 00:22 21 Jan 2005

Well you tell me click here

this is what it looks like and im Burning Video_TS files off different sizes,with Instant CD/DVD.

  wolfman101180 03:57 21 Jan 2005

Hairy Yeti

My DVD writer and hard disk are on seperate cables. Should they be on the same one? If so why?



  wolfman101180 04:00 21 Jan 2005

Oh,and i'm burning video!

  €dstowe 06:46 21 Jan 2005

What other programs do you have running or open at the same time? Disc burning is very resource hungry so for best results all programs apart from the one doing the burning operation should be closed if possible.

On my NEC 3500 rigs, 4GB will burn in approximately 12 - 15 minutes. This is about the same whether using 4x or 8x discs. This time can be considerably extended if there are other things open at the same time (office suites, other DVD processing programs etc).

  wolfman101180 07:20 21 Jan 2005

I had no other programs runnning at the same time so i don;t think it was that. In response to Hairy Yeti's last question asked:

I have a sata cable connecting the hard drive to the motherboard, and a IDE cable running from the DVD-ROM drive to the motherboard.
The IDE cable is inserted into the IDE 1(primary) socket on the motherboard (i presume this is right)
Is this the right setup?

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