Slow BT Broadband

  808Slates 00:18 23 Feb 2006

I have an extension lead is wall box downstairs and a filter plus into extention lead up stairs however the broadband conection seems extremely slow could this be becuase the lead is over 10m? If so is there anyway arround this???

Also I would like to add my sisters PC to broadband however her PC is downstairs, what will I need to do this, any idea's???

  Softstag 00:34 23 Feb 2006

It is usually down to the line quality. It could be that the extension lead is the problem. Try connecting directly to the master socket, if it is still slow then contact BT. If it is better then you will need to replace the extension lead. Over 10m should be OK if the extension lead is good quality.

  wobblymike 07:33 23 Feb 2006

If your extension lead plugs straight into your socket and if you have a filter AT THE END OF THE EXTENSION LEAD WHERE IT GOES INTO YOUR MODEM it should be fine - this is my set up and it works fine at 2.2MB. If this is what you have and its still slow check to make sure no other connections to your line like a sky connection are unfiltered i.e. is your sky connected to an extension socket rather than direct to the main socket. If it is then it will need a filter (my neighbour got caught by this).

To add your 2nd PC to your broadband - Why don't you do it wirelessly - you can do it one of 2 ways. I'll assume you have a USB modem -
1. replace your usb modem with an ethernet modem, connect your PC to it via an ethernet cable and connect to the net in the normal way and then fit a wireless adapter to the other PC so it can share your internet connection - as long as you leave the modem switched on they can access the net independantly of your PC.

2. stick with your current modem set up and fit wirelss cards to both PCs this would again allow both PCs to access the net independantly but your PC would have to be switched on to allow the other access.

I have installed both systems on a number of occassions they work fine Option 1 would be my choice but whatever suits.
If you are interested and want chapter and verse post back

  Furkin 09:47 23 Feb 2006

1/ My extension lead is about 50feet (& a cheapy at that) My kit works well enough at 2.2mbps. Bear in mind tho', that if there is any other or future problem, the B.Band supplier (especially B.T) will insist that it's the extensions fault,,, even when it's been working fine for months/years.
2/ My neighbour had the SKY problem with his kit. He also had to have filters on that kit as well as the modem run - which I thought was a bit of 'over-kill' at the time,,, but it dosn't work without ! (wot do I know ?)
Good Luck

  808Slates 17:19 23 Feb 2006

Cheers folks, taken all onboard and will give it a go

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