Slow browsing due to net "virus"?

  Patr100 13:21 25 Jan 2003

Over the past few days, for no apparent reason, I hav a slight but significant delay in opening pages when browsing with IE when they would normally have opened instantly .Tried AV check,cleared IE cache, used IE repair. Defragged,scandisked, Running IE 5.5 - the only thing I haven't tried is installing IE 6.0 to see if it improves then. On 98se -Free resources etc. are fine

I wonder now if it now might be due to click here -Anyone else had similar problem lately ?

  Patr100 13:24 25 Jan 2003

Oh, and I tried temporarily disabling my Sygate Firewall but no change.

  obbit 13:26 25 Jan 2003

Hi IE6 click here

then download the security patches and service packs click on your windows update from START
and check for critical updates.



  db0967 17:19 25 Jan 2003

Had exactly the same problem over the past few days. Using NTL BB. Seems a bit intermittent, and OK for some pages, and bad for others.

  golfpro 17:46 25 Jan 2003

Had the same problem in the last couple of days, living with it for the moment, hopeing it will change, if not HELP needed.

  Patr100 18:29 25 Jan 2003

Thanks for responses. If that is the cause some areas may be more affected than others. I had used IE6 a few months back but had problems with it and my Firewall at the time - Zone Alarm so went back to 5.5. Might try it again - have it on a coverdisk somewhere - it's a huge download so not practical to take it off a site.

If the delay in "fetching" pages is external to us (as I suspect) then there may be not much we can do except inform our ISPs and look out for any more information.

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