Slow boot with new huge hard disk

  Newuser549 22:43 31 Mar 2003

Since adding a second hard disk (IBM 120 GB, single partition, for video editing) to my W2K system, it takes much longer to boot. The W2K logo stays on screen for about 100 seconds, compared with about 20 before. Nothing else has changed in the system config. The original hard disk is a Samsung 30 GB, and both are UDMA100. The m'board and 80 wire cable both support this configuration, and they are connected correctly on the cable.

Is this an inevitable consequence of having such a large drive, or can I do something about it?

  eccomputers 22:46 31 Mar 2003

Are both these drives on the same cable? or is the new hard drive on the secondary IDE?
If the new hard drive is on the secondary with a slave cd-rom for example, the channel will always run as fast as the slowest device.

  woodchip 22:47 31 Mar 2003

Are you using Cable Select, instead of Master, Slave

  jazzypop 22:51 31 Mar 2003

Assuming that the new drive is partitioned as NTFS, there is a file integrity checking process that is part of the bootup. This might account for some of the delay.

  woodchip 22:54 31 Mar 2003

PS also it will boot quicker if it got the right parameters in the boxes and not set to auto

  Newuser549 00:13 01 Apr 2003

Master (30GB) and Slave (120GB) on the same controller. Think I've got some experimenting to do with partitions or temporarily disconnecting the CD and having each as master and only disk on its own controller.

What is "cable select", by the way - I've seen the option, but don't know what it means.....

  EggandPeas 00:22 01 Apr 2003

I heard that it's always best to put the fastest device as master and the other as slave.

Cable select basically lets the system decide whether the device is master or slave depending on where it is on the cable. End of the cable is Master, in between is slave.

  Djohn 00:24 01 Apr 2003

Cable select is what you would set from the BIOS and if your hard drives are connected to the same cable in the correct order, then your PC will automatically know which drive is Master, and which is Slave. The jumpers on each drive will also need to be set to cable select.

Also I have been led to believe that with the 80 strand cables, then you can have IDE 100 and 133 on the same cable, and they will run at their respective speeds, not at the slowest device connected. J.

  aeolus 02:12 01 Apr 2003

oh my god .I also have this problem before..

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