Slow AOL web browsing after McAfee update

  User-542C727C-2405-4C6A-B90945D0C735856F 16:04 10 Nov 2006

I have recently downloaded an update for my McAfee Security Centre. The upshot of which is that AOL is virtualy unusable as it is now so slow. I could only log onto this site via IE. Even after uninstalling most features of SS7 and using the minimum features of virus scan, firewall and privacey service AOL just isnt as fast as it was with the older security centre

anybody got any ideas as the McAfee support lot arnt doing a great deal on their site all their suggestions have been tried and failed by others by the look of the posts on their forum

  Diemmess 16:25 10 Nov 2006

Have used Aol for at least 8 years.
My first AV was Dr Solomon -taken over and by MacAfee and left without contracted updates, just an offer to sign uo with the new owners!

Bought an AVG CD, soon found that a free version existed and added ZoneAlarm also(free version).

Have not looked back or been troubled since.

My sour advice would be
Download AVG Free and Zone Alarm but DONT install

Then come offline and do your best to be rid of every trace of MacAfee, lots of scouring and reboooting.

Now install AVG and the free version of Zone Alarm.
Go back online and update both of these.

Thanks for the advise
I found my old McAfee 2005 security centre disk. Totaly erased the new version of McAfee from system using a handy program they provide and re installed my old one.
AOL ,which i have also used for many years back to its old self. I think I will wait for McAfee to sort their problems out before using their new security centre

  Veitcy 12:20 08 Feb 2007

I have also purchased Mcafee suite 2007 as I was getting fed up with Norton. I now find that Aol is slower than paint drying despite having a dual core machine. AOL don't know what to do and Mcafee suggest altering the registry. I find this a bit much when AOL is recommending Mcafee surely one of them should supply a fix.

  Diemmess 17:16 08 Feb 2007

Is it possible that your defences are set to automatic scan?

The scanning process uses almost all the power you have, and provided background guarding is running there should be no need to scan the lot once you are clean.

If you want added reassurance, occasionally do a manual scan when you don't need to do anything else for a while.

  Veitcy 14:51 09 Feb 2007

Thanks for the advice Diemmes disabling virus scan has helped alot. But you can only disable for so long(yuo have to set minutes) I don't if Mcafee is running in background as you say or not.
I hope Dibbly does not think I have hi-jacked his site. I have one of my own(see AOL & Mcafee) and perhaps we can help each other.

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