sadie 2 15:20 20 May 2005

Hi my pc runs very slow when i start it up any help thanks.

  Technotiger 15:30 20 May 2005

Hi, bit more info please - what OS are you using etc. Have you got lots of stuff on your pc - do you regularly defrag and clean-out the hard-drive.
Just how long does it take to start-up?

The more info we have the more assistance we can offer.


  DieSse 15:37 20 May 2005

"Hi, bit more info please"

He's just being polite - a lot more info please!

  Technotiger 15:50 20 May 2005

Hi friend - thanks for the compliment :-))

Lots of us will want to help, but we do need more.
Don't be shy.


  sadie 2 15:59 20 May 2005

hi i have got xp and i do defrag once a month is this any help

  sadie 2 16:00 20 May 2005

sorry for got to say it takes about 5 min to load

  Technotiger 16:00 20 May 2005

Me again - are you using WinXP or '98 or winME?

I have to go out now, but I will be back later to see how you are getting on.


  woodchip 16:02 20 May 2005

This sounds like a She!!!!! at Start/Run type MSCONFIG press enter go to startup tab and start removing programs that start at boot they need the tick removing, you can restore these after if you need to. if you are win98se then you Have to SystemTray and Scanregistry running You should also leave the tick in the box's for Anti-Virus and Firewall,you then need to reboot. XP works the same but you need to check what you need to run

  Technotiger 16:03 20 May 2005

Ooops we both posted at same time. What size hard-drive, and do you use Ad-Aware, Anti-virus and Firewall?

I really have to go now, but will look again later, I expect by the time I get back plenty of others will be here to assist you.


  DieSse 17:36 20 May 2005

What processor - speed - how muchRAM - is this a new problem or was it always like this Etc Etc Please!

  DieSse 17:38 20 May 2005

Has it been getting slower gradually?, or was it after you added some software or hardware? How full is your hard drive?

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