Slots for FDD on PC cases

  mags65 15:13 05 Sep 2005

This may sound dumb but I need to clear this up before I buy. I have seen a case I like for a comp I am going to build for a friend. However on the case the FDD bay is a slot rather than a pop out piece, do you just fit the Fdd as usual or do you need to buy a specific type. I did really want to install a FDD with the 7 in 1 card reader but I cant see how to do this on this type of case. Help please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:17 05 Sep 2005

Beware alot of new motherboards do not have floppy drivers controllers.

Have you a link to the case so we can have a look?

  Stuartli 15:21 05 Sep 2005

If you have a slot/bay for an FDD then it can be easily and simply installed using the mounting rails and appropriate narrow depth screws.

Slide the drive in from the front, level the front edge with the case and tighten the screws (not too tight!) In most instances, just two rear FDD case screws will be sufficient for the necessary rigidity of the drive.

  mags65 15:28 05 Sep 2005

the case is part of a 3 in 1 bundle from ebuyer. It costs £19.99 inc VAT.

click here

Sorry if this link doesn't work I'm not quite sure how to add these links

  LastChip 15:28 05 Sep 2005

I know exactly what you mean, and as far as I know, the slot is moulded into the front plastic fascia. You would normally remove the front fascia of the FDD and place the drive behind the case fascia.

However, you want to fit a FDD/Card reader and for that you need a conventional slot with a press-out panel.

  mags65 15:30 05 Sep 2005

Ok thanks, thats what I thought but just wanted to check.

  freaky 15:31 05 Sep 2005

Very easy to fit, just remove the FDD cover from the front of the case, and slide the drive in as Stuarti explains above. Once it is inside, then line the screw holes of the drive with the holes in the rail. Two screws either side should be sufficient, but make sure you have the correct scews otherwise you will damage the thread holes in the FDD !!

  LastChip 15:32 05 Sep 2005

You have two FDD bays just above the power button.

  mags65 15:46 05 Sep 2005

Lastchip are you looking at the same one as meclick here. It £19.99 inc VAT

  Totally-braindead 16:11 05 Sep 2005

The links you've given are for 2 different cases, if its this one Deluxworld 3 in 1 - Case, keyboard & mouse with 350w PSU installed then the floppy slides through from the inside of the case and is covered by the front of the case. If its this one Antler PC-326 (3 in 1) ATX Middle Tower Case/Wireless Keyboard + Mouse + 11-1... then there are 2 places the floppy can go you just remove either of the panels and slide the floppy in from the front as another has mentioned. The first case will have a small plastic button which pushes onto the eject button on the floppy when you put the drive in. I know the drive you mention fitting, the one with the integrated card reader and in the case of the second case you can't fit it as you've correctly summised. However if you have a spare 5.25" external slot you could just buy one of these if you like the case that much. Having said that I've just had a trawl through some websites and the ones I found were 3.5" ones which are no use with this case.

  Totally-braindead 16:17 05 Sep 2005

Just reread it, by the second case I mean the Deluxworld 3 in 1 - Case, keyboard & mouse with 350w PSU installed , that is the one that won't be able to take the floppy with the integrated card reader.

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