Slot 1 - Pentium 2 or Pentium 3 ?

  Anonymouse 21:19 27 May 2003

This may seem be a strange question but it would help me out of a problem if I can do it.

I have an old Gigabyte GA-686BX mobo which was originally designed for Slot 1 Pentium 2's - up to 550 mhz. (maximum Clock Ratio is 5.5 times x 100 mhz FSB)

Is it possible to fit a later Slot 1 Pentium 3 733mhz (Coppermine) in the board (- obviously underclocking it to run at the maximum 550 mhz) without it causing any problems ?

  clayton 21:37 27 May 2003

Have a look here it might work

click here

click here

Might be worh an e-mail to Gigabyte

click here

  Anonymouse 15:50 31 May 2003

No joy from any of these. Voltage may also be a problem ?

It currently has a PII 350 in it. AIDA reports this as
I/O Voltage 3.3V
Core Voltage 2.0V

I've just tried the PIII in another board where AIDA reports
I/O Voltage 3.3V
Core Voltage 1.6-1.75V

Does this mean - no chance ?

  Boris {B<) 11:46 01 Jun 2003

I've got the same Gigabyte GA-686BX board with a PII 350 in and was hoping it was upgradeable.

Anyone help ?

  Boris {B<) 12:01 01 Jun 2003

This makes interesting reading - but doesn't answer all questions.

click here

  DieSse 13:03 01 Jun 2003

There is no evidence anywhere that this m/board supports the necessary 1.7 core voltage for the processor.

It's also possile that you currect RAM is 66MHz, which would probably not work at the higher 100MHz bus speed required by a PIII.

However, it IS possible to get a PIII 500MHz 2.0v processor in a slot1 package (I know for sure, as I have one on my desk as I speak). So you may be able to look around and find at laest a faster processor. The difference will not be great however, and a new M/board and processor at a significantly faster speed may be the only answer

  Anonymouse 22:55 01 Jun 2003

The current RAM is definitely 100 mhz - all 256 MB (4 slots).

Thanks for the aedvice, but I am only trying to make the best use of the various bits I have !

I am not currently in a position (financially) to be able to upgrade the existing board /CPU + memory. I would really like to find a cheap slot 1 board to fit the 733 in but they seem to be as rare as the proverbial hen's teeth !

  Anonymouse 22:57 01 Jun 2003

The board I was trying the P3 out in isn't mine by the way ! It was one of our PCs at work.

  DieSse 00:33 02 Jun 2003

I still have to say that there's nothng anywhere than would even suggest the board might support a 1.7v CPU - so I can't see that it's a goer.

Other similar boards in their range do explicitly say that they support PIIIs, so I think you just have accept that this one won't.

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