Slipstreamed XP + sp2

  Quickbeam 21:16 23 Jan 2005

After several months of strugling to get a stable instalation of SP2 installed, I followed the directions from another thread on slipstreaming an XP disk. I followed the directions & integrated sp2 with my early XP disk to make a bootable XP+sp2 disk. Then I reinstalled onto a formated partition... now I have the stable instalation I always expected! Anyone else had this work?

  mattyc_92 21:19 23 Jan 2005

I have created the bootable XP + SP2, but haven't had to use it YET.... I am one of the lucky ones, no problems with

  ashdav 21:21 23 Jan 2005

can you tell us how you did this or post a link to the thread you mentioned.

  ashdav 21:22 23 Jan 2005

meant quickbeam

  TomJerry 21:24 23 Jan 2005

(1) use "AutoStreamer" produced by forum member "Powerless", you can find him/her in many places

(2) even better way is to use XPCreate which slipstrem xp2 plus all updated hotfixes click here

have fun

  Quickbeam 21:39 23 Jan 2005

This one seems to have found great interest... The link I used was click here It has very clear directions for those of use that need step by step hand holding guides!

  ashdav 21:44 23 Jan 2005

that's a lot easier than Tomjerry's link

  powerless 21:49 23 Jan 2005

I didn't Produce Autostreamer err I came up with here

[The link that I posted on SP2 Forum to my free websapce, somehow managed to make it into Autostreamers readme file ;-) ]

It's easier than this: click here or the one on winsupersite.

They'll both do the samething just depends how easy you want it.

...and I'm a HE by the way ;-)

  Eargasm 22:10 23 Jan 2005

I know i have asked you this before and you said it might work. Is it possible to create a slipstreamed xp boot disc using autostreamer from my i386 folder on my harddrive?

I don't have a xp disc as my installation was pre-installed on a hidden partition.

I have tried to create one with autostreamer choosing"I want to specify my own local windows share" option but have had no joy( i am most likely doing something wrong)

If you could explain how to use the above option i would be very grateful.

  Eargasm 22:19 23 Jan 2005

Incidently quite a while ago i did manage to create a xp bootdisc with sp1 slipstreamed from click here but it was a major job (for me anyway)and autostreamer looks a lot easier option.

  Quickbeam 22:26 23 Jan 2005

I've just been switching between 2 partitions, one updated to sp2 & the other installed with sp2... It realy is working cleanly, if anyone else has had a bad sp2 experience then you really should try this way.

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