Slipstreamed SP2 into XP CD - any pitfalls?

  Kemistri 22:31 16 Feb 2008

Asking a question for a change.

I have finally got around to making a slipstreamed XP installation CD using Autostreamer and it occurred to me that there might be unexpected problems with Windows updates that came between the release of my copy (2002 vintage just after SP1 was included) and the release of SP2. I have a vague memory of some post-SP1 updates that were required for SP2 to be installed, but these obviously won't be on the slipstreamed CD -- if I'm right about those updates, will that cause a problem?

  six-h 00:44 17 Feb 2008

Sorry, I can't help, but recently had a scare! Fortunately I was able to clean my PC, but I also read the article in the mag, and realised that it would be wise to at least try and create one of these slipstream discs,if only to save all those hours of updates!!

I wonder if you can test it or verify it afterwards without actually installing from it?

Bookmarked for future!

  Kemistri 01:09 17 Feb 2008

Well, if I don't get any feedback, I'm going to give it a go anyway. It need not be too big a deal (just a bit of lost time) if it doesn't work well, because I'm upgrading a mirrored array from which I will keep one disk untouched until I know that all is well. I can always use that to get up and running quickly.

But if this makes a working SP2 disc, then I'll have avoided having to fit a floppy drive for the SATA RAID driver.

  sunny staines 08:41 17 Feb 2008

most people it works fine, for me i could never get the disc to finalise.

  Fingees 09:25 17 Feb 2008

I had an original XP disk when it first came out.

Since then I have had to reinstall a couple of times.
After the original disk is installed, and the system working, I have gone straight to installing SP2, as it contains all of SP1.

No problems

  BurrWalnut 09:32 17 Feb 2008

Service Packs are cumulative, i.e. SP2 contains all the SP1 and SP1A updates.

If you wait a couple of weeks you should be able to slipstream SP3.

  Kemistri 11:17 17 Feb 2008

I'm not sure that they are as cumulative as that - I thought that it was supposed to include everything that came after SP1. When I have reinstalled in the past, I was always presented with quite a lot of post-SP1 updates (it's an SP1 build on the CD) before SP2 would be offered. Hence my concern about whether they were essential for SP2, but I think you're right to a point - that the SP2 download should have everything after SP1. So it should work fine.

  sunny staines 11:40 17 Feb 2008

when i reinstall i just shove in the sp2 cd and that updates, next time round i will use sp3 beta download or sp3 disc if it is out. i tried various respected web sites to follow a tutorial on a slipstream disc but none worked. there is a long thread somewhere in the forum archives of my attempts.

  Daiol 12:19 17 Feb 2008

Hi im not very it intelligent but regarding slipstream Anything worth looking at here.daiol/ here

  Daiol 12:21 17 Feb 2008 here

  Kemistri 12:27 17 Feb 2008

Thanks for responding, but making the CD is easy, and it's already done (see first post). Autostreamer seems to do a good job and can almost be left unattended.

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