Slimming windows 7

  stormrider123 18:05 02 Feb 2011

Hi i want to use RT SE7EN LITE to slim down my widnows 7 instalion to run on 512mb of ram the version i wanna trim is w7 profesionnal 32bit and i want to no which features i can safely remove and if possible take the size of instal disk to under a 1gb the main features i want are printer sound video network drivers aero and media center if posible and anything else u can keep tht will still run on 512mb it will be a great help if anyone can tell me which components i can remove and also i wanna intergrate my video card drivers into it aswell any help will be apreciated

  birdface 18:30 02 Feb 2011

Not sure if you can run W/7 with 512mb.

  stormrider123 18:32 02 Feb 2011

done it before loads of times but tht was with a version tht i downloaded of the internet called tiny7 rev01 and it worked like a treat apart from the fact tht printer wernt suported becuase they removed printer support and i dont like ultimate theres not many things i need on it

  birdface 18:37 02 Feb 2011

This is what they recommend.

click here

Worth a look at least.

  stormrider123 18:42 02 Feb 2011

trust me it works i ran w/7 ultimate 32bit on it and i was able to play gta iv and cod without minium lag with medium settings

  GaT7 18:46 02 Feb 2011

Why would anyone want to do this with prices of RAM so low? I can understand for a netbook or low-spec PC perhaps, but definitely not for a gaming PC. G

  stormrider123 18:49 02 Feb 2011

it isnt a gaming pc it is a low spec pc with intel celeron d 3.06ghz and i dont usualyy play games i was just testin dem out and anywayz dis aint ma primary pc tht is a intel I7 quad core 8gb ram machine i jus wanted to make use of this and vista sukzz and i like the features of widnows 7

  bremner 19:01 02 Feb 2011

Even without going to the extreme that the OP wants to go to it is fairly straightforward to load W7 32 bit onto a machine running 512MB of Ram.
Hexediting a dll on the install iso removes the MS RAM prohibition and off you go.

  stormrider123 19:22 02 Feb 2011

buteman can u please explain in detail of the dll il have to edit and wat part of the dll to edit and also which software to use

  bremner 19:26 02 Feb 2011
  woodchip 19:46 02 Feb 2011

I was reading that Intel i6 and i7 stopped shipping other day. think they have a problem with the chips

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