Slightly Urgent: Intermittent Wireless Card

  Zopah 14:10 09 Aug 2007

So, I've got a laptop with a built in Broadcom card. It has an external switch to turn it on and off. Now over the past few days, it has been intermittently working, generally working, then not after the next restart. Another reboot *usually* fixes it. However yesterday, four reboots did nothing, with the switch in the off position twice, and then turning it on, or having the switch on constantly.
Anyway, I reinstall Vista using my restore disks, reinstall all the drivers, restart a few times, and its working again. So I hibernate when I leave it next.
Turn it back on, card isn't working again.
Another reboot, nothing.
I'm wondering whether its a fault at BIOS level, or maybe even hardware.
I'm going on holiday in a few days, and if possible, I'd like to have it fixed before then, as the card is more capable then the dongle I am using to connect right now.
The model number of the laptop is a HP Pavilion dv2116wm.

  martjc 14:27 09 Aug 2007

...for your Broadcom card? Here is your first point of support. click here

Get the latest driver and try again.

Second thought. Some laptops use the frame arount the screen as a wifi antenna. The direction it's pointing can be critical - even a few degrees will make a difference. point in a different direction and it may help.

  Zopah 14:34 09 Aug 2007

Yeah, I've got the most up to date drivers.
Its working right now, and I'm running through all the settings.
I even removed the driver, turned it back on, and it picked it up.
Which leads me to wonder whether a connector is loose on the inside?
Its too intermittent to *just* be software, even if it is Vista ;)

  Zopah 19:09 10 Aug 2007

After contacting HP, they sent me a guide on reseating the card, and told me to do that, and it should fix it.
So I did, and it worked fine, till I hibernated.
After several restarts, it worked again.
This leads me to think that hibernate is somehow shutting off the card, and its only getting the power back when you powercycle all the hardware.
Theres no options in my BIOS that even mention wireless, so I guess I'm living with it.

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