Slideshow Pic Sizes

  Derek 10:14 10 Feb 2007

Some of my pictures are smaller than others when I show them in a slideshow.
I note that the smaller pics have less kb's, so this must be the problem. Or is it ?
I can only assume that I have gone for a reduction somewhere along the line not realising that this would cause this problem.
What can I do about it and make all viewings the same size ?
Can I correct it using Paint Shop Pro etc ?

Many thanks. Derek Miles.

  Taff™ 11:54 10 Feb 2007

Basically you`re right - the file sizes are too small to view at a "nomal size" in a slide show. You might like to try Irfanview to create your slideshow click here This may cure the problem.

  eedcam 18:43 10 Feb 2007

What software are you creating the show with some will allow you to alter the size as you go.Other wise you should be able to change them inpaintshop first

  Derek 10:20 11 Feb 2007

Thank you Taff and eedcam.
I've download Irfanview which is keeping me very interesed at the momment and regards what I'm using, it's the standard MS XP pro.

Thank you again.

  eedcam 12:13 11 Feb 2007

Not your os Derek I meant which programme you are creating the slideshow with

  Derek 13:57 11 Feb 2007

It's the standard Windows one that appears in the side boxes. Picture Tasks View as a slideshow.

  Rtus 14:43 11 Feb 2007

is it possible the small files you are viewing are thumbnails ?

  hssutton 14:45 11 Feb 2007

Don't let file size (kb's)confuse you as this really as no bearing on the actual picture size.

The file size in kbs is down to compression. Whereas the visual size of the image is controlled by the amount of pixels present.

Almost any image editor will allow you to control the image size in kbs and pixels independent of each other.

  jack 14:54 11 Feb 2007

If creating a slide show of worth, is of interest to you take a look at some of dedicated progs out there.
You pay for them of course after a trial.
DVDPixPlay from click here
is good you can use it with only the number of slides loaded as a restriction for 45 day before purchse . It costs about £15/17
Others like ProShowGold do lots cost more and can have a steep learning curve.

  eedcam 18:11 11 Feb 2007

Magix photos on cd and dvd4 or later is also a good one personally found it better than proshow gold. Ifyou think you might venture forth into video editing consider adobe elements premiere it can also turn out a fine slide show .Also photoshop elements will do one

  Derek 07:09 12 Feb 2007

A great responce to my thread that nearly turns me into an expert ?
I'm sure that others will benefit from all your suggestions.

Again many thanks to all of you.

If I can't crack it now, then I might as well stay in bed !

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