slides to photo's

  nickyjane 12:59 14 Mar 2004

Hi Guys
I have a number of slides taken a while ago, is it possible to some how scan them onto my computer. What do I need and how much would it be and where do I get it from. Os is XP

  Sciron 13:08 14 Mar 2004

depends on how many, and if you will want to do it again, the best way is a film scanner, i have the Minolta dimage scan dual and it is perfect..

  Eric10 13:18 14 Mar 2004

Many flatbed scanners have an attachement or built-in provision for scanning 35mm slides. However, the quality obtained can vary greatly from one scanner to another and is usually second best to the quality obtained from a photographic print. Dedicated transparancy scanners ar available at a price but if you haven't got thousands to do and aren't currently taking slides then the cost may not be justified.

If we are not talking very large numbers then your best and cheapest option is probably to get your local photo processor to copy the sides onto a photo CD.

  pj123 13:46 14 Mar 2004

Check out this previous thread. click here

  nickyjane 14:08 14 Mar 2004

Thanks Guy's

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