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  Ozy 22:47 22 Aug 2010

My son has sent me his holliday photo’s on cd.
There are many folders, some with over forty pictures in them.
The cd does not offer “slide Show in any folder.
Right clicking and clicking “open” I can only highlight
15 pictures at a time to view (select over 15 and “open”
does not appear),
the photo’s appear one on top of the other in Paintshop Pro x2.
Is there a freebie “Slide Show” I could use

  Yimbo 00:49 23 Aug 2010

have you tried Google's Picasa = or RealPlayer? Both offer to create slide shows- as does Windows Media Player. I'm sure one of these will fit the bill for you!

  gel 07:14 23 Aug 2010

I agree

I have been using picasso for 2 years ---excellent and a good forum. But read about picasso first Unless stopped it will do a search of all your images on your computer when first loaded
The picasso forum is a good place to start

  BT 08:07 23 Aug 2010

Not much help in this instance but this is a useful little .exe prograqm for running a folder of pictures as a slideshow.

click here

Download and unzip it. You can then just copy the .exe file into your folder (looks like a reel of film) and click on it to run the slideshow.

I see it has been improved since I last downloaded it and you can now make an autorun CD with it.
Look at the Example link on the download page.

  Ozy 14:27 23 Aug 2010

i am not having any joy with this.
when i put the slide show exe into a folder, i get a box.
"please insert a writable disc"
then the CD_RW drive ejects the disc
i will try Google's Picasa

  Ozy 14:46 23 Aug 2010

click google picasa, click slideshow got
kizoa web page, registered, click slide show
i cannot work out how to use it

  lotvic 15:42 23 Aug 2010

You haven't told us what OS you are using, is it XP or Vista or W7

Let's see what programs for viewing you already have on your pc.

Put CD in > browse to a photo in (any) folder > rightclick on the photo > click on 'Open With'
What programs do you get to choose from?

  BT 16:36 23 Aug 2010

It works OK for me.
I had an old version but I have just extracted and copied the new Slideshow.exe into a picture folder and it works fine.

You should have a zipped folder called Slideshowfull from your download. Click on this and it will open up. Click on the Slideshow.exe to extract it and it will open another window with the extracted files in it.
The slideshow.exe icon looks like a reel of film.

  Woolwell 16:54 23 Aug 2010

What format are the photos in?
In Vista Windows Photo gallery will play a slide show and Windows Media Player does a slide show too.

  lotvic 17:26 23 Aug 2010

you will have to copy the folders from the CD onto your harddrive before you can copy the new Slideshow.exe into a picture folder

  lotvic 23:59 23 Aug 2010

In XP if you copy the CD photo folders to My Pictures then the 'Picture Tasks' option will appear in the left pane of Folder Task options.

Copy the CD photo folders to My Pictures
Click on a folder in the right pane so it is highlighted
Click on 'View as a slide show' in Picture Tasks in the left pane

When you want to stop or exit the resulting slide show, hover the mouse cursor at top right corner of screen and tools icons, pause, advance, go back, exit, will appear to click on.

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