SLI ready card on PCI-E

  ardvarc 08:58 22 Feb 2006


By mistake I ordered a WINFAST PCI-E PX6800LE TDH 256Mgb SLI ready to put on this machine for my wife. Specs: XP Home SP2, Asrock NF4G-SATA2, AMD 64 3700 CPU, 1024RAM, onboard nVIDIA 6100 graphics up to 128Mgb. I contacted Asrock and they said to go ahead and run it as PCI-E but it doesn't have a power connector on card. Anyone know if this will run OK or worth it?. I have finally taken the step into this 'new fangled' technology.

Many thanks.

  Totally-braindead 10:51 22 Feb 2006

I have a different board and it has PCI-E and SLI as well. It has a power connector next to the graphics card slot for connecting a power connector if the graphics card doesn't have a power connector onboard. Having said that it says in my manual that this power connection is for when you use 2 PCI-E cards together. They way I read it if theres only 1 card you don't need a secondary connection as the PCI-E can supply more power than AGP could, so I think it'll work ok.
Notice I said I think it'll work ok this is because the manual on my board doesn't make it clear. Hopefully someone else can clarify.

  ardvarc 11:40 22 Feb 2006


Thanks for reply. Not being SLI there is no power connector on MoBo. I mentioned this point to Asrock as I was worried about how much power the card needed but they gave the all clear to fit the card as is but I was still concerned. I can share this PC until I have decided on what to do for my own.

Thanks again....Bob

  007al 11:52 22 Feb 2006

The 6800LE is a cut down version of the 6800,so like the 6600,doesnt need its own supply

  ardvarc 12:08 22 Feb 2006


Will definitely fit it then, thanks.


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