SLI / PCI / PCI Express Questions

  Chiisu 16:54 16 Nov 2007

Hi, i recenltly posted on here about getting a second graphics card, and i was told that i needed to check if my motherboard was SLI compatible, i found out the make of my motherboard (or at least i think so) "Dell Inc. 0RY007" but after googling it i cannot find out whether or not it is SLI compatible, can someone help me out? I would also like to know, how do you check whether your pc has PCI or PCI express?

  Totally-braindead 17:15 16 Nov 2007

PCI are white, down the bottom of the board and look like this click here PCI Express are black and you will have one of them if you don't have SLI or two if your board has SLI and they look like this click here actually the second pic shows both.
Easiest way to check is to read your manual ot look at the board.

If you give the model of your computer (not the board the actual computer) I'll see if I can dig up a spec for it.

  Chiisu 23:12 16 Nov 2007

Umm...when you say the model of my pc,do you mean like Dell Inspiron 530 (which is what i've got)?

  Totally-braindead 23:20 16 Nov 2007

Yes. I'll post back.

  Chiisu 23:24 16 Nov 2007

Ok, thank you very much :-)

  Totally-braindead 23:31 16 Nov 2007

If you look at this click here and go down to "inside view of your computer" you can see it has 1 PCI Express slot.

This means you can add 1 graphics card. SLI is not an option as with SLI you need 2 slots and you have only 1.

You might depending on what graphics card you propose to put in it have to upgrade the power supply. If you do go for a high end card and have to upgrade the power supply I would recommend confirming with Dell it uses a standard power supply as Dell used to move some of the connectors about meaning that if you put a normal power supply in it you could destroy the computer. Don't know if they still do it or not but worth asking just to be safe.

Or put a middle of the road graphics card in and then you don't have to bother.

  Totally-braindead 23:33 16 Nov 2007

The link above also tells you how to install a graphics card, useful if you haven't done it before.

I am of course presumming that you are using the onboard graphics and do not have a graphics card.

  Chiisu 23:43 16 Nov 2007

I do already have a graphics card, an 8600GT, so i guess i'll jsut have to completely replace that, rather than get 2, yes?

  Totally-braindead 00:10 17 Nov 2007

Yes you would but thats not a bad card you have and it'll cost you a bit to get a better one and as I said check your power supply. A 8800GTS 320mb for example requires a 450 watt power supply as the minimum.
From what people have been saying about Dells they have some sort of funny way of rating their power supplies and you might find that a lower rated one would do the job.
But it might not. Its better to be safe.
A 320mb 8800GTS would probably be in the region of £180.
Go above that and you need an even higher rated power supply.

  Chiisu 00:16 17 Nov 2007

There's no easy way around it all then. Yeah, i know the 8600Gt is good, but i want to play games, such as Crysis, in real high quality, and the graphics card can't qutie handle that. So if i were to get an 8800gts, say. Would my current power supply by fitting for that, or would i have to upgrade that also. Sorry about all the questions...

  Totally-braindead 00:39 17 Nov 2007

I have no idea.

You haven't said what your power supply is rated at. (unless I missed it)

Read what I said, you need a 450watt power supply for that card, thats recommended by Nvidia. It might work on less, it might not. It depends how far below the 450 watts you are and how good the power supply actually is and I can't answer that.

Personally I wouldn't chance it and would upgrade it as well to a branded 600 watt one to allow for the future. But I would check with Dell as I said that the power supply connectors are standard, if they aren't you run the risk of damaging your PC.

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