To SLI or not to SLI

  Air_Man 19:24 01 Oct 2006

I am currently running a single XFX 6600GTI 256MB PCI-e GPU with an ASUS A8N-SLI Premium mobo with an AMD 64 3500 CPU and 1GB RAM.

I want to improve the overall pefromace and will be upgrading the CPU (dual core probably). But, GPU-wise, I am unsure as to whether to go for 2xSLI compatibles or a more expensive, single card. Would it be worthwhile trying to get an identical card to my current card, then running in SLI, or would it be better to buy a couple of more up to date cards (around the £100 mark each) and run in SLI or should I look to spend more (£170-£200) on a single, more powerful card.

I use my PC for basic video editing, basic photo editing and a few games (GTA SA being the most graphics intensive). I want to be able to play some of the more recent graphically games at a decent res though.


  gudgulf 19:40 01 Oct 2006

Personally I would go for a powerful single card.

SLI has its uses.....but as far as I am concerned that is only when you want to take graphics performance beyond the range of the current top single card.

The pitfalls of using SLI with two slower,mid range (or even lower) cards is that not all games are SLI supported.

If you buy one of those games you will be stuck with inadequate performance at the level of a single graphics card.

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  Air_Man 08:47 03 Oct 2006

Thanx Gudgulf,

I was sort of leaning that way but hoped I could recoup some of the extra I spent on a SLI board 10 months ago by buying a cheaper card and running in SLI mode.

Anyone had any experience of buying a cheaper card to run in SLI mode?

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