Lee007 10:43 08 Mar 2005

I am having problems with my new PC I have bought from Mesh, Fireblade SLI, [had it three days] I have upgraded the processer to a FX55 and has come with 2 x GeForce 6600GT graphics cards and 1GB RAM.

The problem I am having when the system is set up with SLI enabled I am unable to run Doom 3 and Rome Total War as the system then freezes and I need to restart to get going again, but when I disable this setting the games run fine without any problems all be in lower graphics setting.

I have a analog and digital cable which both work when SLI is not abled but when the digital cable is connected the screen goes blank just before the log on screen and needs restarted, the analog cable works fine.

(Both cables have been plugged into the top graphics card)

Can anybody help with this problem? As I am unsure if this a hardware or software problem as my warranty only covers hardware.

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