SLI ? 7800GT or 2 x 6600 LE ?

  Tadpole Ted 21:14 19 Oct 2005

I'm about to purchase a new computer and was wondering if anyone could tell me whether I should go for an SLI motherboard? I read another thread in here that said they were still buggy and some were not working properly, but that was posted back in May.

If an SLI mobo is a good idea, should I get one with two 6600 LE cards, or one 7800GT?

Reading a few threads in here and researching a few other sites, it appears the 7800GT is probably as fast as both the 6600LE combined, and so I'm wondering if it would be better to get the faster card and keep a slot free for a second one when the price comes down. Then again I read another thread in here posted by someone who had bought a second identical card only to find they had changed the chipset.

I could probably get away with something less expensive, but my kids like to play the latest games and I want something that will be usable for the next year or two.


  gudgulf 21:56 19 Oct 2005

Given what you say a single 7800GT now will keep you in business with all the latest games for a good while.then you could add a second unit a few months down the line.

The only reason I could see for choosing the 2x6600le would be so your kids could brag about having an SLI computer.

Certainly having an SLI motherboard is a good idea since it gives you more upgrade paths.Particularly since the upgrade path is games orientated.

You don't say if your kids have money of their own but if you bought the SLI ready single 7800GT setup ,maybe they would stump up for a second card .

  007al 22:09 19 Oct 2005

i run an abit fatal1ty sli board,no problems at all with it.i run two 6600gt gfx cards,but you should really go for the can add another card later.nvidia are in the process of releasing drivers to allow different makes of card,so you wouldnt have to scout around for the same one later.ive tried the beta drivers with two different makes of 6600gt`s,but they`re not ready yet(too buggy.the abit board comes with the uguru panel,which allows for overclocking without having to enter bios,i love it!i have a winchester 3200 running at 2.4 and with riva tuner,my graphics cards run at 565/1150.these are all running stable at these levels too!

  FreddyNoFriends 01:45 20 Oct 2005

Thank you gents. I think I'll risk it and stump up for an SLI mobo to run the 7800.

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