slepoa.exe ?

  Dragon_Heart 23:47 16 Jul 2010

Anyone got any idea what this is ?

It's in my WINDOWS folder on the boot drive within Windows XP SP2

  northumbria61 00:14 17 Jul 2010

Never come across this one before - suggest you run Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware for starters.

  northumbria61 00:41 17 Jul 2010

I'm running Windows 7 but have laptop with XP service Pack2 and there is nothing in there resembling "slepoa.exe"

  Diemmess 09:22 17 Jul 2010

Google gives a link to this PCA thread but all the other links seem to be in Polish and one when translated implies a virus!

  Dragon_Heart 23:24 17 Jul 2010

SuperAntiSpyware nothing

Malwarebytes Site unavailable last night

Diemmess I got same sort of luck

Tried on Windows 7, VISTA machines myself nothing

'Microsoft Windows Support' have got back to me but all they ask for is a copy of the 'System Information' file They don't appear to know what it is :-(

Tried a direct scan of it with McAfee again nothing

  Sea Urchin 00:49 18 Jul 2010

Can't imagine which site you were trying but use this one:

click here

Update it and then run and remove all it finds.

  Dragon_Heart 00:13 19 Jul 2010

...... and clicked on site it found but last night nothing ?

OK tonight so will try it on XP PC

Never thought of File Hippo :-)

Will let you know .......

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