sleepy puter wakes up squiffy

  jack 15:01 21 Jan 2008

I can be working away on the machine , it being perfectly behaved all the while.
Then I leave it for a while to go do other things.
When I return I find it has 'gone to sleep'

Fine that is what it has supposed to do.
Power saving and all that

Tickle the rodent and up it wakes- but it must have been in a deep dreamless sleep because often all I get is the screen picture- no icons- it needs a reboot to get going again.
Then very often when it does come up the screen is offset to one side and I have to push the screens auto adjustment button to centre up.

So what medication is needed to make it all bright eyed on awakening?

  howard64 15:08 21 Jan 2008

could be a dodgy graphics card or the monitor is about to wave bye bye.

  cheap6 20:10 21 Jan 2008

Have you tried bringing it a coffee to bring it round.
Are there any programs that are set to run when the computer is idle. Like defrag,virus scan and the like. These could be making your system hang.

  Totally-braindead 20:36 21 Jan 2008

I don't let my PC sleep at all, if I'm away from it for a wee while I switch the monitor off and if I'm away for hours I switch it off. The reason in my case is I found that the sleep sometimes caused problems as the PC wouldn't wake up properly and I'd have to reboot it anyway.

I don't know if its still the case but many people did used to have problems with a PCs not waking up from sleep properly and for many the solutions offered did not always work. I'm thinking back a bit saying that, perhaps its now more reliable but I don't use it.

  jack 08:19 22 Jan 2008

This may be the case BD
Perhaps I should rearrange my working arrangements so that a session is a complete cycle rather than going back and forth during the course of the day.

  User-1229748 08:43 22 Jan 2008

i know it doesn't solve your problem but you are far from being on your own - this seems to be one of the most common problems on any make of pc including mine - i hope to try some of the fixes that people send in - good luck

  misog 09:25 22 Jan 2008

Trying waking it with the power switch rather than the keyboard or mouse. My pc will loose the mouse if its woken up by the keyboard.

  laurie53 09:53 22 Jan 2008

I know the feeling, but I usually go to sleep squiffy and wake up (relatively) normal!

(Sorry, this doesn't help your problem at all.)

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