Sleepy CD reader

  avesnes 08:30 21 Mar 2005

My brother-in-law very kindly gave an unwanted a HP CD-writer plus 7500e which I have hooked up to my ancient (Jan. 1998) Gateway 2000 kit. It sits on the LPT port between the system box and the scanner and then on to the printer. I have installed the latest driver and other software as recommended by the HP web-site and the CD-writer works a treat. It records correctly and it reads the newly created CDs. However, if I try to read the newly recorded CDs in the Gateway supplied CD reader (Mitsumi Multi-Speed FX3205!B),it gives the error message " F:\ is not accessible. The device is not ready. Retry Cancel". Pressing Retry gives "A device attached to the system is not functioning. Retry Cancel" F:\ is the Mitsumi reader. If I do not press retry on the first message, eventually (after about a minute of waiting) the reader clicks and whirrs a few times, wakes up, come alive and reads the CD as good as good. Any ideas or am I missing something obvious. Many thanks in advance.

  Yoda Knight 09:23 21 Mar 2005

This is probably related to IRQs. Also you could check the LPT port settings in the BIOS, try for ECP instead of SPP

  avesnes 10:50 21 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight,
Many thanks for your reply. As I am a bit of a shamateur, could you expand your thoughts with some more detail, please. For instance, what sort of things should I be looking for, what things would you consider to be right or wrong?

  Yoda Knight 11:42 21 Mar 2005

Access the BIOS by restarting your pc and pressing delete (or F2 or F5 or F8 depending on your pc)and check the settings for your LPT / parallel port as above. ECP stands for enhanced communications port. IRQs relate to the order in which your pc responds to requests from hardware, they can usualy be checked in device manager (access to that depends on your version of windows)

  avesnes 11:48 21 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight, Thanks again for your help, I'll have a go this evening.

  avesnes 09:24 23 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight, Following your advice, I have:-
a) within the BIOS, "Periheral Configuration", "Parallel Port Mode", changed "Bi-directional" to "ECP".
b) continued Start-up and looked in Device Manager
at "LPT" "Resources". The IRQ was set at 07. I then checked and found that none of the other devices had their IRQ as 07.
c) However I did notice in Device Manager "Settings" the following...........



Have I stumbled on something that explains the sleepy nature of my CD Reader and if so what can/should I change? Thanks in advance for any ideas or thoughts.

  avesnes 09:34 23 Mar 2005

My previous message contained a table that has not come out properly. Maybe this is better.

ZIP DRIVE - Current Drive Letter = E, Reserved Start Drive Letter = D, Reserved End Drive Letter = D

HP CD WRITER - Current Drive Letter = D, Reserved Start Drive Letter = blank, Reserved End Drive Letter = blank

MITSUMI CD READER - Current Drive Letter = F, Reserved Start Drive Letter = E, Reserved End Drive Letter = E

  Yoda Knight 10:43 23 Mar 2005

very likely the problem....

Remove the cd writer. in computer managment change ur zip drive to D.
replace cd writer (hopefully as E !)

  Yoda Knight 10:45 23 Mar 2005

Sorry, just noticed the matsumi....
in computer management change that to E, and reboot.
Then put the cd writer back in (hopefully as F !)

  avesnes 10:52 23 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight, Thanks yet again for your advice. As I'm away at Easter, I'll try your idea after the break.

  Yoda Knight 10:55 23 Mar 2005

U havent mentioned what os ur using (unless I missed sumthing again...)

Computer management is a part of XP, in 98 and me you make the changes in device manager, properties (if I remember correctly !)

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