Sleep Button Vista

  sibaw 21:44 13 Aug 2007

I am running Vista, when I select the sleep button the computer closes down OK. When I press enter, or the power button the computer swtiches back on, but the monitor remains black and no periperherals like card readers are re-connected.

Any ideas why?

  brundle 22:19 13 Aug 2007

This is an issue that may be addressed by the update due tomorrow via Automatic Updates; click here

Don't be tempted to get them from that link, they were leaked versions.

  Jimmy14 22:22 13 Aug 2007

The updates on that neowin website have already been released by Microsoft.

  Jimmy14 22:24 13 Aug 2007

Go down to my posts on the thread below and download and install the 2 updates from Microsoft then try and use the sleep option and see if your computer resumes properly,

click here

  brundle 22:25 13 Aug 2007

Jimmy14; Thanks, I'll hook my Vista laptop up and get them when I get to work tomorrow.

sibaw; Have you downloaded them already? If not use the Start menu search bar to find Updates and go from there.

  sibaw 22:32 13 Aug 2007

Thanks will do

  Jimmy14 22:39 13 Aug 2007

Microsoft have only made them 2 updates available through their website and they have not been released into Windows Update but it could happen tomorrow when they release all the monthly updates.

  sibaw 22:43 13 Aug 2007

Now here is an interesting thing, I did what you suggest and windows update stated there was an update for my Nvidia Ge Force 7600GS, so I ran the udpate - but it failed code 80070103 which could mean I have a later version already installed. So I tried a graphics card update from Device manager and Vista reported I have an up to date driver. Sleep still does not work, where do we go from here. It's a new machine so I suppose I can contact microsof?

  brundle 22:45 13 Aug 2007

OK, I will wait and see. My laptop has been working well so far, except for Windows Mail being painfully slow (swapped to Thunderbird) and the Calender crashing as soon as you reboot after adding an entry. If they're not part of automatic updates I'll download them manually.

  brundle 22:47 13 Aug 2007

7600GS - you might need one of the drivers from here; click here

I tried 162 on my new Dualcore/7900GS/XP build this week and it failed miserably so I went back to v94.

  sibaw 10:25 14 Aug 2007

Thanks I got the latest Nvidia drivers and installed them - I will just contac MS.

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