Slave Harddrive no longer accessible in Windows

  Phil930 23:09 03 Dec 2006

My computer set up for the past 2 years has not changed, and is:

AMD 64 3200+, 2Gb DDR, Asus K8N-E Del, Primary HD 80Gb Western Digital, Slave HD 160Gb Western Digtal (model number WD1600JD).

I use my primary harddrive for windows, and the slave for my documents (currently about 60gb worth over 6 years).

The problem is on my slave harddrive, the WD1600JD. Both drives connect through sata and have never had any problems to date.

Today, my slave drive would not open when in windows. The drive shows in the BIOS, it shows up on the device manager and even shows in 'My Computer', however when I try and access the drive the following message appears:

D:\ is not accessible
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

I have taken the following steps:

- Dis-connected all cables to the drive and reconnected
- Uninstalled drive and restarted windows
- Taken drive out and tried to load on a diferent computer
- Ran Western Digital diagnostic software which the drive has passed

Still, the drive is un-accessible. I am beginning to fear the worst, as in disk management it is showing my drive to be 100% free, which is not the case as I know I had over 60gb on there.

The only thing that has changed over the last week is access to the drive through my Xbox360. I updated the PC to Windows Media Player 11 and the Xbox 360 shared the relative documents, for one day, until they could no longer access this. Now, the only thing that came to mind is something to do with the sharing rights of the drive has triggered it to become inactive as maybe it considers the Xbox360 a risk to share with. However, this is unlikely. As I said, the problem came about today when the drive could suddenly no longer be accessed through windows.

Please, can anyone help me try and salvage data if not the drive. I am about out of ideas of what to do.

  skidzy 23:38 03 Dec 2006

Can you right click the drive in My Computer and select properties/tools defrag and disc check for errors.

  Phil930 23:41 03 Dec 2006

I am able to access those options but not use them. Disk defrag only shows my C: drive and error checking does nothing.

I am currently running software called GetDataBack NTFS to try and copy all the files.

The fact I am unable to execute the above; does that give any indication of the problem?

  skidzy 23:47 03 Dec 2006

Sorry my knowledge is limited in this field,just maybe you can save some of the files if not all by using Drive rescue click here

  Audeal 00:21 04 Dec 2006

Phil930: Go to "My Computer" and right click on the drives icon and then on Properties and take a look at the File System of the drive. It should be NTFS, but it might be RAW. If so let me know.

  Phil930 00:35 04 Dec 2006

I did the above Audeal; it showed up as RAW.

  Phil930 00:39 04 Dec 2006

Audeal, i was just reading your comments on the another thread:

click here

So, what does it mean when the drive goes from NTFS to RAW. How does this happen, and why? Furthermore, I am running an NFTS recovery tool right now; is that useless considering the drive is now RAW?

  Audeal 04:09 04 Dec 2006

Phil930: I tried several programs to recover my data but the best I got was a disk full of corrupted data. But when I tried the software in my other thread this did the recovery without a hitch. When it is recovered then save it on another drive, then when it is safe you can reformat your drive and then copy your recovered data back onto the drive. This operation may take some time so you must be patient with it. I am sure it will work for you as it did for me. So if you do try it then I would be interested, as I am sure others would also, to know if it was as successful as it was with me

  Audeal 11:20 04 Dec 2006

Phil930: I may be wrong here but I suppose someone will correct me if I am but 'I think' the reason for the drive changing to Raw is a glitch in the Windows System. Other than that I know of no other reason for the drive changing to Raw.

Raw is a system that is not compatible with Windows and therefor if your drive converts to Raw your windows system will not recognize it as a valid file system. That is why your system will not find any files on your disk and gives you a reading of 100% empty.

As I said I may be wrong but this seems logical to me and I would be interested to know what the cause is should I be wrong.

  UncleP 15:59 04 Dec 2006

The notification of a RAW file system on a HD is generally an indication that the MBR or FAT has been corrupted. In many cases it is possible to recover much of the original material, which is still present on the disk but cannot be read by the OS. There are two practical problems: first, if the corruption was caused by a failing HD, further use will lead to further corruption. Secondly, even if this is not the case, any program writing to the HD will have the same effect.

The optimal solution is a data recovery program which (only)reads the disk sector by sector and copies it to a working HD. The copy can then be analysed without compromising the faulty disk. I am not familiar with the utility recommended by Audeal, but it appears to be of this type.

There are simple programs available which will repair the MBR, but I do not know what the overall effect would be if other parts of the disk were also corrupted.

Before copying any material recovered back onto the original disk, you should be sure that it wasn't the cause of the initial fault. If there is any doubt, replace it.

  Audeal 22:18 04 Dec 2006

UncleP: I am not sure what the MBR is but I assume it is something to do with the file system. Maybe if it is possible to repair the MBR then the disk can be saved and restored complete. But again I would suggest that the files are recovered and copied onto another disk first, as a precaution.

I do not know either how the corrupted MBR can be checked or repaired, so my method may be the easiest way to sort it out and should things go wrong again then try to go deeper into the problems to find the cause and a solution.

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