Skype/Firewall Settings

  Gorillaz 05:05 22 Jan 2007

I am going to install Skype on my pc and laptop. I have read that Skye can use your PC to run their global service and this can cause effect your useage with your isp. I am using a netgear DG834GT modem/router with inbuilt firewall and norton firewall on my PC. On my laptop I am just using norton firwall when I am travelling. How can I disable Skype from hogging my useage with both firewalls.

  Miros 06:30 22 Jan 2007

Right click it and select quit,i.e. shut it down.

  Gorillaz 08:46 22 Jan 2007

Thanks miros, if I shut it down does it mean that anyone calling my skype number will not get through to me?

  Miros 10:08 22 Jan 2007

PC 2 PC yes. PC to landline ??? depends.

  Stuartli 10:09 22 Jan 2007

>>Skye can use your PC to run their global service>>

I don't understand the basis or reasoning behind this statement.

  Miros 10:15 22 Jan 2007

I'm unsure about this one myself :-)

  ACOLYTE 10:29 22 Jan 2007

I tried skype and i couldnt seem to stop it loading at start up,even when i unticked the box to allow bootup with windows it somehow managed to reinstate itself.In the end i uninstalled it.

  Miros 10:38 22 Jan 2007

You could try this programme.
click here
It's to help you select what you want to load at start up.

  Stuartli 10:45 22 Jan 2007

Skype only initialises when I click on the Skype icon on the Desktop.

  Miros 10:49 22 Jan 2007

Same here :-)

  baldtaco 13:10 22 Jan 2007

Skype is based on P2P. When you install it you agree to let it promote your rig to a Supernode if necessary. This allows Skype to second resources from users if need be.

Don't run it as a server, or better stick it behind a NAT router.

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