Skype video won't work!

  Zorgalite 09:56 02 Mar 2006

Hi. Wonder if anyone else has experienced simmilar problems, and how to remedy?. At christmas we installed skype video beta, and tried to set up a video conference with relatives in the south (we are in the north, UK). It worked great after starting the video, but then after about 30-40 seconds, it all went bad with loss of picture and horrible "white noise". This happened every time we tried it, sometimes less than 30 and sometimes a bit longer than 30 seconds in to the call. It always does it, after I start my video.
I tried it again last week with my brother who is also in the south of England, and exactly the same thing happened. Works great with just voice and even works great with voice and the other persons video, but as soon as i start my video, every time it just goes haywire. I have a reletively new comp using win xp sp2, and have Norton IS 2006, and Adaware pro installed. (am wondering if these could be interfering with skype?
Any ideas would be welcome, thank you.

  welshwizard712 11:46 02 Mar 2006

Might be wise to do speed test on your line

click here

Also maybe disabling all the Antivirus and Firewall protection because you may find its interefering the connection

  Zorgalite 12:57 02 Mar 2006

There doesn't appear to be anything wrong with my speed at the moment (on Tiscaly 1Mbps package), and getting reults of 970.7Kbps ( and 1005.3Kbps (DSL connect UK).
If its something to do with norton AV, this remains to be seen. I have just got rid of it and installed AVG. So will have to test again.
But personally I dont think that line speed, or AV were the problem, I was thinking more along the lines of settings/configuration somewhere??
I have read of simmilar probs, on skype forum, but could not find a clear sollution to the problem, and was hoping someone who had same problem would see this and tell me how to rectify it. Thanks.

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