Skype usb phone problem

  1933 14:56 23 Mar 2006

I have recently fitted a Waitec usb phone for use with Skype. Works fine except that if I leave the phone plugged in to the USB port the PC refuses to start next time, it gets as far as RAM check and then freezes. Only powering off an removing the phone will allow a boot. Any ideas please. I thought that the USB function was not started until much later in the start-up sequence. Dave

  Minkey1 16:25 23 Mar 2006

The Skype on mine loads up towards the end of the sequence, giving a rather pleasing sound (once your used to it) so I guess it's only receiving power after everything else ? Anyway, I know that other users only connect the phone when they need it, and not via "Safely Remove" as it doesn't actually appear as a drive. Would this be a solution ? In other words, only connect it when required, and just unplug it after ?

  dms05 12:56 24 Mar 2006

Does your VoIP phone have a Driver? Mine does, to power up the LCD details on time/date/Skype balance. I find this Driver can be problematic and whilst I leave the USB VoIP phone connected I don't initiate the LCD driver until well after the boot process has finished. I also find I have to terminate the LCD driver before I can close down my laptop, otherwise the XP close down routine hangs.

  Minkey1 22:40 24 Mar 2006

Yes, it came with an installation disc which included a USB phone driver, and the Skype software. The phone is fairly basic & has no screen, so it's the Skype window which gives me balance info etc. I haven't had the kind of problem you describe so don't have a suggestion other than to connect after start up and disconnect before shutdown.

I know other users just plug 'em in and unplug without using "Safely Remove" as they aren't drives. Have you tried this ? When connected, does Device Mgr show any issues, and have you tried your phone in another PC or another phone in your laptop ?

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