skype,and an upset daughter

  MidgetMan 20:30 15 Mar 2004

At home we have a 2 pc network, one in my study and on in my 15yr old's bedroom, both connected to b/b, My daughter has downloaded and has been using a program called skyoe. I only found out about this tonight, and must admit that I am a bit peeved that she has done this without my knowledge.Prior to this she has asked, and got my permission to install any software on her pc, I am concerned about this software as it seems to allow free telephone calls to other skype users, and she has assured me that the only people she talks to are school Friends all of whom I know.

My question is, has anyone else come across this software and are they happy with it?. I have looked at the home page click here and it seems ok, (except based on p2p)any comments welcome

  Lionheart ? 20:36 15 Mar 2004

Not used it,have a read click here

  Gaz 25 20:41 15 Mar 2004

I would be curious to see the security implications of this software. Also, if its free, wonder what they are getting out of it?

Spyware? Umm

I am not sure. I would stay away from software that doesnt look right or says its free. Investigate before installing any free software.

  Gaz 25 20:43 15 Mar 2004

Ummm. Interesting...

Voice over IP technology eh? Maybe it is legit, but even still, I would be wary if you cannot watch who your daughter is contacting, it could be anyone.

  byfordr 21:14 15 Mar 2004

Downloaded it the other day, basically you can only talk to other skype users. Looks to be the way forward...voip.

According to the register today, they have had a injection of cash, and the basic program will stay free while advanced features will cost.


  Kase 21:38 15 Mar 2004

Hi Midgetman

My son who is in his early thirties has this service and is still alive to tell the tail and suggested I should use it to contact him instead of the high cost of phoning his mobile as its FREE (ware)ie: when on line it costs nothing I do not think the service is dubios it is just that younger people take internet phoning as some thing to try and older people like me look for the CATCH. (If you dont like them send them an email or try using it yourself phoning a friend). Take your daughters word for it after all if she is on your network you can always check her usage if you so wish. If you trust her if something does go pear shape she will in time tell you!! I also have a daughter and being a Dad is not always easy Cool Daddy cool!!


  Kase 22:34 15 Mar 2004


Hi Midgetman

Further to my posting I can concur with byfordr on this subject for those who may be interested please refer to an article in the April editon of PC PRO (click here) page 41 "A phoney war" a spokesperson Kate James is quoted for Skype in the article on Voice over IP (VoIP) telophoney and the question of encryption. Perhaps PC Advisor can put quill pen to ink and advise use in plain English on this subject?.

  obbit 23:04 15 Mar 2004

i d/loaded it. it seems ok no spyware found and if you remember not to send any sensitive info i think it should be ok. the only downside is anyone else who has it would be able to contact you through the directory and if your kids us it then it could be dangerous if you didn't keep a track of it. the only info i put on the details page was email address and date of birth. that should stop anyone contacting me (old codger).

  busterbill 23:16 15 Mar 2004

Further to this conversation about Skype, it does NOT contain any spyware. It is only free at the moment, because it is beta ware, and just being tried out, but will not be free in the future

  sgcarlier 23:28 15 Mar 2004

I'm using Skype since a couple of months, now that I've moved to New York, to stay in touch with my friends and family in Belgium, and it is just great. Voice quality is excellent, much better than with MSN messenger e.g. I can only recommend this software. I did not detect any spyware. I just hope that the basic features will remain free to use.

  MidgetMan 07:53 16 Mar 2004

To all that replied,

I have scanned her pc and no spyware!!, sat with her late last night and watched as to how it works, as others have mentioned you can only talk to "invited" people in your phone book, quality is excellent and of course it free at the moment.

I have forgiven her on this occasion, but made it clear in no uncertain terms that any more downloading/installing things without my permission will be frowned upon.

Funny thing is that I normally check her pc (without her knowledge) at least twice a week, but have been so busy lately I did'nt get round to it.

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