Skype is rubbish - alternatives?

  sebiven 11:04 18 Jan 2009

Earlier this month I asked about Skype for calls to Spain.

The application has been installed for about two weeks and to be frank , it is rubbish.

Calls are dropped , we sound like robots ,we are getting truncated conversations , and all these problems still exist even after following "problem solving" guidelines on Skype and other forums.

I am looking for an alternative to Skype!

Having googled and visited various sites there seems to be two viable alternatives - Yahoo Messenger and

Of course , someone here may know different!

Any help would be appreciated.


  Technotiger 11:21 18 Jan 2009

Don't blame Skype - I and many of my friends regularly use Skype, we all think it is brilliant! It really is for us - I am in UK, my son lives in Lanzarote (see click here), I have friends and relatives in Australia, Zanzibar, USofA and of course other parts of UK all using and enjoying Skype.

I would look elsewhere for the problems you are having. My friend in Zanzibar does sometimes have dropped calls etc similar to yourself, but we know that is solely due to the Third-World electrics of that country, not a problem caused by Skype - It was the same when my friend in Zanzi and I used Windows Messenger, a long time ago, before Skype!

  bremner 11:23 18 Jan 2009

I have used Skype around the world and never suffered any of the issues you describe.

As Technotiger says I think your problem is something other than Skype.

  sebiven 11:33 18 Jan 2009

...."I think your problem is something other than Skype"...

Fair enough!But what?

At the moment the only contact I have other than in the UK is my sister in Spain.So maybe the problems lie with the Spanish end because talking to landlines and Skype users in the UK have none of the problems I mentioned.

But this doesn't solve the problem of talking to Spain,hence the request for an alternative.

  Technotiger 11:38 18 Jan 2009

I would advise you then to try something like Windows Messenger, though I think it is called Windows Live Messenger now - not too sure 'cos I never use it. But I would be surprised, if you still did not have exactly the same problems with your Spain-Spain link.

  oldbeefer2 11:47 18 Jan 2009

All VOIP programmes need a minimum amount of bandwidth and if your Spanish end can't provide it you won't get a decent connection. Is it just one person you are contacting? If so, can they not persue the poor performance with their ISP?

The only time I've had problems with Skype has been webcamming with my daughter in Oz who is on a mobile link.

  Rob_08 12:08 18 Jan 2009

It seems you have audio setup issues. Run the Skype Test call and see how you sound to yourself through your mic. I moved to Skype as the audio issues with WLM were awful.
I also bought a dedicated soundcard as onboard isnt too great for chatting i have found.
You really need to run the wizards for your audio as i think you havent set up your audio properties correctly.
Skypes sound quality is great.

  MAT ALAN 12:09 18 Jan 2009

Absolutely nothing wrong with skype, it will only be the way its configured and more likely an issue with your PC...

click here

the link is a more than suitable alternative...

If you decide to use this and you are still having issues We will be more than glad to help...

  rawprawn 12:13 18 Jan 2009

I have used Skype to speak to friends in Spain with no trouble at all, and they live out in the wilds.

  oldbeefer2 13:10 18 Jan 2009

sebiven does say (1133)that calls to UK are OK, so that rules out his PC and connection. Must be the Spanish end.

  DieSse 13:22 18 Jan 2009

What is the connection to the net at the Spanish end?

If it's problematical, it may be problematical with any VOiP.

Do you mean Skype for audio - or with video as well - video is much more demanding of bandwidth.

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