Skype reception question

  VNAM75 13:29 17 Jun 2007

If the person who I am calling abroad can hear me well but the reception I get at my end is slow, is this problem at my end or theirs?

I'm on 2mb broadband. Is it something to do with upload/download?

  ambra4 13:39 17 Jun 2007

whch county you calling

  Technotiger 13:43 17 Jun 2007

Hi, I often speak to a friend in Zanzibar using Skype video/chat, there is a slight speech time-lapse, but this is normal. But it is still just as if we are in the same room clarity-wise.

  Technotiger 13:44 17 Jun 2007

PS - I am in UK.

  VNAM75 13:49 17 Jun 2007

I was calling Shanghai

  VNAM75 13:51 17 Jun 2007

But have not had problems calling south of the country before - Guangzhou. My friend was using a webcam though, I wasn't.

  VNAM75 13:52 17 Jun 2007

"But it is still just as if we are in the same room clarity-wise".

That's the good thing about skype when its working well

  Technotiger 13:54 17 Jun 2007

My friend and I both use webcams - I don't think either you or your friend have any PC/Skype fault to be concerned with.

  VNAM75 14:05 17 Jun 2007

I didn't think there was a fault, just curious if it was to do with different broadband speeds.

eg. if my upload speed is faster ie. I am sending data quicker from the UK than I am receiving it from China, therefore I can't hear my friend as well as she can hear me (which is very well)

  Technotiger 14:35 17 Jun 2007

Well I am not a radio expert, but I am pretty sure it is not just PC Speeds that affect it, other things such as weather/atmospherics also play a part.

  ambra4 15:43 17 Jun 2007

There is always a 2 seconds delays on satalite calls so if the line quality is bad on the other side there will be a longer delay.

Also not all country have 2MBs line most would be 512MBs or slower due to the quality of the local telephone line copper or fiber

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