SKype help needed please

  golfpro 16:48 09 Dec 2006

I have just signed up with SKype. a couple of things that puzzle me is:
1. Do I get a Skype Tel No.
2. If I telephone a SKype user which No. do I use.
3. If another SKype user Telephones me, How do I know? does it ring?
OK, I think I know about SKype In, that you must have a Skype in No. to receive calls, but my questions above still need answering.

If you are using SKype please enlighten me.

  anskyber 16:52 09 Dec 2006

Can you tell us are you just using Skype as a PC to PC connection or have you bought Skype credits?

  Legolas 17:04 09 Dec 2006

If you are using it comp to comp you do not use a number you enter the skype name of the person you are calling and click on the telephone symbol. If you purchse credits then you can call any number as you would with a normal phone.

  golfpro 08:49 10 Dec 2006

Yes I have bought credits, and from what you have said, I think I get the hang of my first two questions. However let me put Q3 a different way, "If another SKype user contacts me, and I am not sitting at the PC, then how do I know".
I have not used it yet as I am waiting for my Headset to be delivered. I have been using JaJah for the last few months, and use my normal telephone or mobile with this. I am quite happy with JaJah, I just thought I would give SKype a go and see which one is best for me.
I do like the Mobile facility with JaJah, where I can call people outside of Austria (where I live) when on the move, and also when I am on holiday with no PC or Laptop.

  golfpro 08:53 10 Dec 2006

Sorry I didn't reply sooner to the first two answers, as for some reason I wasn't notified by email as I usually am.

  Technotiger 09:39 10 Dec 2006

Hi, when someone calls you pc-to-pc using Skype, you will hear a telephone ring, similar to a normal phone. If you have your volume up a bit, you should hear it when you are away from the pc.

  Technotiger 09:40 10 Dec 2006

PS - why wait for a head-set - I use my normal pc speakers and a mic.

  rezeeg 09:43 10 Dec 2006

Tools>ringtone for the sound

  Technotiger 09:44 10 Dec 2006

Another point worth mentioning I think - Skype to Skype as you must know World-wide is Free. Skype credit is only usefull when calling someone who does not have a computer, and therefor no Skype.

  golfpro 11:43 10 Dec 2006

Thanks a lot for that, why doesn't SKype mention this in their info?
Speakers I have Mic I don't, Head set should be here in a couple of days.
I have a few friends with SKype, but many more who don't.

  Technotiger 11:59 10 Dec 2006

I prefer a mic because it means that I can be walking about, doing other things in my room while talking on Skype. With a headset I would be 'tied' to the pc.

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