Skype Excel problem as well as internet?

  compumac 09:42 17 Apr 2012

I recently have had problems with Microsoft Excel not being able to copy and paste correctly that was finally put down to the installation of Skype’s "Call to Click". (Resolved by others on this forum) Removing "Call to Click" resolved the problem. Around the same time as installing “Click to Call” I also started to experience slowness with accessing the internet - the cause that I have not been able to establish. Since the removal of "Click to Call" I have been accessing the internet as quick as it has been in the past. Could it have be that "Click to Call" was also responsible for the slowness of the internet functioning? Many might say that they are unable to see a connection, but the same had been said for the Excel problem. Any thoughts out there?

  Woolwell 10:10 17 Apr 2012

Interesting post. I haven't experienced the same problems with Skype's Click to Call although I vaguely remember that it caused a problem with a Firefox add-on on my old computer. I have now uninstalled it as I wasn't using it and better safe than sorry.

  compumac 09:06 18 Apr 2012

I have now rebooted several times since the removal of Skypes "Click to Call" and I would say quite definitely that my accessing the internet has speeded back up to what it used to be. So I would say that there had to be a connection with the "Click to call" causing conflict problems as nothing to my knowledge has been changed since. I would still welcome comment.

  lotvic 13:17 18 Apr 2012

Apparently it causes random problems, copy and paste the following into google search:

problems caused by Skypes "Click to Call"

  compumac 13:42 18 Apr 2012

lotvic Thanks for that but that is what I had already done. The posts refer mainly to the copy and paste function and the clipboard but I have not seen any reference to causing a problem with slowing down internet use. As I said immediately I had removed "Click and Call" my browsing reverted to its original speed.

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