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  Spock999 22:13 23 Jul 2011

I have had to change my router to a Draytek 2710n. Evrything has been working OK except the Skype connection will not stay up. It keeps talking about the internet connection having a problem.

This is true with my Windows 7 main computer (which has never worked with Skype as it is brabnd new) and the XP laptop which previously worked.

Previously, I have not had to do anything special to make Skype work is there anything I should be doing now?


  Spock999 23:47 24 Jul 2011

No response as yet! I have been scouring the internet looking for a solution without much success. What I have discovered so far follows.

The 2710n router is renowned for reserving about 20-25% of bandwidth as part of the "switched off" QofS feature. On the upload side that is quite significant especially for Skype. I have not seen anything that stands out as a clear solution to this issue.

There is also some talk about using telnet commands to switch off the "switched off" QofS feature and increase rxpct & txpct from the auto setting to 100%. I have tried that and the improvement is marginal - at least using the testing tool (315-320 Kbps up to 340-345Kbps for uploading). I haven't yet been able to test out skype after the change.

The other issue is firmware. Mine is as follows (copied directly from the router status page:

Model Name : Vigor2710n Firmware Version : 3.3.6_232201 Build Date/Time : Oct 27 2010 17:03:51 ADSL Firmware Version : 232201_A Hardware: Annex A

I have found a new release as follows:

Firmware Version : (Release) Release Date : 14th April 2011 Build Date : 22nd March 2011 Applicable Models : Vigor2710, Vigor2710n, Vigor2710Vn, Vigor2710VDn Locale : UK Only / Annex A Only.

I am not sure whether it is worth upgrading or not. I wonder if anyone out there has done so and what their experience is?


  onthelimit1 09:01 25 Jul 2011

'This is true with my Windows 7 main computer (which has never worked with Skype as it is brabnd new)'

What do you mean? I have a 'brand new' W7 PC which works well with Skype. I've never heard of your router make, but I've had no probs with Netgear, Thompson, BT Linksys etc.

  Spock999 11:10 25 Jul 2011

It is literally true. Too many things going wrong in a short time! My main computer failed. By the time the new windows 7 PC was bought, up & running, the old router was playing up and I never had a chance to try it out on Skype with the old router.

I have no doubts that it will work with Skype when the other issues are sorted out

  ashleycardwell94 12:20 06 Aug 2011

made sure upnp is enabled on the router for automatic port forwarding.

  waqasgk 18:51 10 Sep 2011

if your internet is working well but Skype connection will not stay up, mostly this is because of some s/w installed or running on your computer using same ports as skype. e.g Wampserver and skype by default used same logical ports. check this.. may be your problem is due to this . thanks


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