Skype - Camera Not Working. OK with MSN

  SURVEY 10:10 18 Jun 2013

Making video calls with Skype. I can no longer see myself and those I am calling cannot see me although I can see them OK. Never had any problems using Messenger Video calls, but of course Skype has regrettably taken over MSN. Initially when I tried Skype (whilst MSN was still running), my camera was fine. I use a Dell laptop on Windows 7 and have checked that my integrated camera is working fine. I have the latest version of Skype and so does the person I am calling. My broadband speed is not brilliant but always over 2MB. Any suggestions how to remedy this?

  Nontek 10:59 18 Jun 2013

What happens when you check Video Settings in Skype?

  SURVEY 11:15 18 Jun 2013

When I go to Skype Video Settings, there is just a black screen with the circular 'loading' symbol. Interestingly if I switch to 'Capture' via Skype settings, it shows my camera is working fine. There just seems to be a problem with Skype recognising the camera in Video call mode. It certainly used to work on earlier versions of Skype. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Skype with no improvement. Can it be that 2MB broadband is too slow for the latest version of Skype? And if so does the Video Setting in Skype reflect the broadband speed rather than the ability to recognise the camera?

  Nontek 11:39 18 Jun 2013

I had exactly the same problem recently in Skype (I love Skype and have never used Messenger or any other similar program). For days/weeks I struggled to figure out what the problem was, I was using the Logitech 9000Pro webcam on my laptop. I got so fed up (after much email correspondence with Logitech) that I bought a Microsoft LifeCam Studio, no problems since then, all working perfectly!

Your broadband speed should not be a problem.

  SURVEY 15:07 18 Jun 2013

What puzzles me is that the Dell integrated webcam used to work fine with Messenger and also with Skype. The person I am trying to speak to on Skype is also using the same Dell latop & camera and has no problems - markyou he is using BT Infnity at speeds I can only dream of!I can see him fine but he cannot see me!

  Nontek 15:12 18 Jun 2013

If it has not been too long since you upgraded your Skype, perhaps a System Restore back to before that upgrade might get you back to the Skype which was working?

  SURVEY 17:22 18 Jun 2013

Well, why didn't I think of System Restore? It would be my normal way to correct a fault. Tried it, back a month and Skype now works. The version that works for me is The latest update obviously screwed up my system. Now I just have to remember NOT to update!!

Thanks for your timely reminder!

  Nontek 18:42 18 Jun 2013

Great, thanks for your feedback.

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