March Wind 00:14 04 May 2011

A family have Skype on their PC.

The daughter has put Skype under her own email address which to get to she puts a passwrord in.

If the PC was on but hadn't had the daughters password type in. Would the family be able to pick up skype calls / messagaes, or would they have to put the daughters password in for anyone to call the PC on skype?

  March Wind 00:18 04 May 2011

I mean would the rest of the family be able to pick up calls or would it only be the daughter as it is under her email address. I think it would have to have the password typed in before any other member of the family could receive calls. Am I correct?

  Simsy 01:09 04 May 2011

A skype account is specific to a login, not to a computer...

If other members of the fmily have a skype account they can login to skype on that computer...

A skype installation on one computer can have several logins, (but only one at a time)

I suspect, from what you have written, that it is only the daughter that has a Skype account/username... if this is the case, (and she is happy for it to operate as a generic "family" account), then, yes, the other members of the family would need to know the password...

(Having said that, skype can be set up such that when it starts a user is automatically logged in... effectively the password is remembered). Des this help?



  March Wind 01:08 05 May 2011

Thank you. Yes that does help lots. In other words as long as the PC is set to remember the password it will be loged in even thought its email isn't the one that is the first one on the PC but one that has to have a password. correct?

If and when you say yes to this could you please tell me how do I close this thread. I have been told but still not sure what to click on to finalize it.

  Simsy 01:17 05 May 2011

I'm afraid I'm not on PC with skype at the moment, so I can't check and be sure about this, but, if I remember correctly...

When you start Skype, (if it isn't set to start when Windows starts anyway), either it logs you in automatically, (if it's set to do so), or you will be invited to log in... On the screen where you log in there is a tick box to "Log in when Skype starts".. if you tick that then you're done!

Hope this helps,



  March Wind 23:08 15 Jul 2011


  March Wind 23:08 15 Jul 2011


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