281apple 17:11 06 May 2008

I have a new provider and with my new modem I can recive at 7644kb and can send at 784 kb. But since I have this new provider and the new modem Skype drops out, that is to say it simply closes down. When it is working OK, people I'm talking with say they are having problems understanding me but I receive everyone perfectly beit voice or video. Could the problem be that the 784kb to transmit voice and video is not sufficient?

  Stuartli 19:49 06 May 2008

Check the video and audio configuration from Tools>Options, along with the sound settings. See:

click here

for the sound setup.

  Fried~Chips 00:35 07 May 2008

who is the ISP and what make router.
Hi Stuartli!

  281apple 08:24 07 May 2008

Stuartli, I checked out the sound and made a few tests and there is no problm. Fried-Chips, maybe it is the Router? I just changed providers and had no problem wih Skype with the former modem. The ISP is and the router is furnished by DARTY (in France) who surely does not manufacture it, it is [email protected]letel, at least that is what I picked up on their Quick Status Report on the Router's Setup. Another question comes to mind now. The router works with a WiFi instead of a Ethernet Cable; could that explain something?

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