Sky wireless router and choice of card/adaptor

  ctid hants 11:06 29 Jan 2007

I have just ordered my Sky wireless router and was hoping if any one can help me with regards to which PCI cards or USB adapters are compatable?

Sky wanted £25 for an adapter which i consider to be a rip off.

Am I also right in thinking that a PCI card would give me better results (signal strenght/speed)?

Will be using with a Dell tower bought Aug 04, we have been using the Wanadoo "livebox" until now but the Inventel USB adapter packed so decided to upgrade connection with Sky and pay considerably less per month.

Any advice or help would be very much appreciated, as I am a relative novice at this.

  howard64 12:56 29 Jan 2007

the wireless router should have both usb and ehternet sockets for connecting to one of your pcs. If your units are both close to the router you can plug them in. If you wish to use the wireless side you will need to know what type of signal this is mostly g or n or something. You will then need a pci card or usb dongle of the same type to match it. My experience is that forget the distance quoted for wireless reception. Mine worked find when about 5m apart but once over that and with a couple of walls in between there was no signal. Good luck if you do not have the above info wait for your router to arrive and read its documentation.

  ctid hants 13:25 29 Jan 2007

Thanks Howard64

The reason for using the wireless is because the PC is upstairs with no phone socket up there.

So I need wireless and assume that Sky will be supplying new technology i.e. 802.11G. I was hoping to get the info up front so when the box arrives I can be ready to install rather than waiting for the instructions as will likely buy the card/adapter from ebuyer.

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